Merit List of Abbottabad International Medical College 2023. Abbottabad International Medical College (AIMC) has published the merit list for the academic year 2023 online. The list includes the names of students who have been accepted into the college based on their performance on the admission exam and their past academic record. Everyone who took the MDCAT Entry Test and applied for admission is waiting for the merit list. Abbottabad International Medical College is already accepting applications for the merit list 2023. The official authority will publish the merit list of the selected candidates on the official website, bringing an end to the applicants’ results and the waiting candidates’ wait.

Abbottabad International Medical College, one of Pakistan’s top medical schools, is known for developing students into competent and caring medical professionals. Year after year, hundreds of deserving students battle for a coveted position at this prestigious institution, making the merit list a critical predictor of their future career trajectories.

Abbottabad International Medical College Merit List 2023

On the college’s official website, you can read the merit list and check your standing as a student by entering your name or roll number. To guarantee their place in the college, those who made the merit list are recommended to finish the admissions process as quickly as possible. This page contains the Abbottabad International Medical & Dental College 2023 MBBS and BDS Merit List. Most importantly, you cannot neglect the merit requirements because you will qualify if you earned the top grade in the prior class and passed the PMC MDCAT exam. This organization does not permit students to enroll without meeting the prerequisites.

AIMI Merit List 2023

Here you can see the online AIMI MBBS Merit list for 2023 from Abbottabad International Medical Institute. All applicants for MBBS admission who take the entrance exam will be able to download the final merit list for 2023 from this website. All applicants to AIMI College had to complete a written medical admissions test to be considered for admission in 2023. This has ties to the HEC and PMC and offers annual admission to qualified applicants. The same schedule will be adjusted this time as well.

AIMI 1st Merit List 2023

The initial merit list of those who have been chosen for admission will soon be posted online by the Abbottabad International Medical Institute (AIMI). The wait is over for applicants who checked their results and were anticipating the first merit list because it was posted online today. Candidates can see and download the merit list online.

2nd Merit List of AIMI

Candidates who did not appear in the first merit list must check the second merit list and wait. Their name might appear on the second merit list in 2023. When officially announced, the AIMI MBBS and BDS 2nd Merit lists will be shared on this page.

AIMI 3rd Merit List 2023

The final merit list of admission for AIMI is also known as the third merit list 2023. If there remain open seats in the colleges, the third merit list—which includes applicants who took the entrance exam but scored poorly compared to those on the first and second merit lists—will be announced. We also list the admissions price, the application, the interview dates, and more on this page. Merit List 2023

In January 2023, following the completion of all admissions procedures, the merit lists will be released. People can see it on this page. The candidates who were accepted and took the MDCAT entrance exam are awaiting the merit list. Candidate information is available on this website.

AIMI Provisional Merit List 2023

You can access the merit list for the provisional selection here starting in January 2023. The chosen candidates are required to deliver genuine transcripts from their college or university to Student Affairs before the deadline. Therefore, when they disclose it, there is no cause for concern. Their merit lists will be accessible on this website, and they will formally proclaim it on the notice board.

The first, second, and third merit lists will be released in stages by this college’s administration. Therefore, if your name does not appear on the first merit list, you can also check the second and third merit lists. Your name could appear on the second or third merit list. Therefore, keep trying.

AIMI Final Merit List 2023

A passing score is required since, if you don’t pass, no medical institution will admit you. So, when applying for admission, make sure to bring a copy of your PMC MDCAT test score. On the other hand, if you want to be admitted to this institute, you must consider your merit because their organization is entirely merit-based, and they choose their applicants based on merit.

Closing merit of AIMC 2023

Abbottabad International Medical College will declare the 2nd merit list in the middle of the month. When they publish the 2nd merit list, we’ll post it on this page. Those applicants who did not be on the first merit list right now can verify their names on the second merit list.

AIMI Fee Structure

Abbottabad, the administrative center for the Hazara Division, is surrounded by the energizing, lush, and powerful Sarban Mountains and is situated 1,225 meters above sea level. It is one of Pakistan’s most well-known slope regions. It is located 205 kilometers from Peshawar and 116 kilometers from Rawalpindi along the Silk Road to China.

AIMI Merit List MBBS BDS 2023 Download PDF

In December 2022, PMC held the National Medical Colleges Entrance Examination. See the merit list for AIMC’s MBBS and BDS admissions here. To obtain the fee challan form, all candidates who have been shortlisted should come to the institute. Within the allotted period, they must submit their admission fee.

Closing merit of Abbottabad International Medical College 2023

We’ll provide the second merit list when it’s released on this page. Candidates who are currently unable to verify their names on the first merit list can do so on the second merit list. Make sure to look through this merit listing to determine if your name is here or not.

AIMI Self-Finance Merit Lists 2023

Many people are worried about the merit list for the International Medical and Dental College, thus it is anticipated to be released as soon as possible. As a result, when they reveal it, there is no cause for concern. officially.

Abbottabad Medical College Closing Merit 2023

It will be published on the bulletin board and made accessible here as well. The college’s administration will gradually issue the first, second, and third merit lists. You can check the second and third merit lists if your name is not on the first merit list. Your name might appear on the third or second merit list. So, don’t give up.

AIMI MBBS Merit List 2023

To be eligible to apply to medical schools for the upcoming session, you must first pass the MDCAT exam before you can attend medical school. The government has changed the laws, and while UHS will still administer the test, the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) will do it going forward. This completes your knowledge of the AIMI Merit List 2023.

Address and Contact Detail

  • Address: N-35 Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
  • Phone#: (0992) 406613 +92 99 (2406) 615
  • Email: [email protected]
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What is the closing merit of MBBS in Pakistan?

A merit list is a list on which you can discover your place in college. UHS MBBS Govt Admission has a final merit of 92.80%.

What is the significance of a merit list in medical colleges?

The merit list plays a vital role in medical colleges as it determines the selection of candidates for admission. It serves as a fair and transparent system to assess students based on their academic performance and entrance test results.

How can I check the Abbottabad International Medical College Merit List 2023?

To check the Abbottabad International Medical College Merit List for 2023, you can visit the official website of the college. The college typically publishes the merit list online, providing a dedicated platform or webpage where students can access it.

What factors are considered in the compilation of the merit list?

The compilation of the merit list for Abbottabad International Medical College involves considering multiple factors. The college takes into account the academic performance of students, including their grades in pre-medical examinations or equivalent qualifications.

Can the merit list change after its initial publication?

Yes, the merit list can change after its initial publication. In certain situations, candidates who have been selected from the merit list may decline the admission offer, resulting in vacant seats. In such cases, the college may release updates to the merit list, considering candidates from the waiting list or reevaluating the rankings.

What should I do if my name is not on the merit list?

If your name is not on the merit list of Abbottabad International Medical College, it indicates that you have not secured a place in the current admission cycle based on the set criteria. However, there are alternative options to consider.