AFNS Syllabus 2023 PDF Download online at this page. For those who are interested in nursing and wish to serve their country, the AFN is a fantastic career option. You can download the AFNS Syllabus to help you study for the tests. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for information about the AFNS Syllabus. Numerous positions in the Pakistan Army have been made available through AFNS to candidates from throughout the country. You can get the AFNS Syllabus 2023 here if you’re one of the applicants who wants to pursue a career with the Pakistani Army and join through the Armed Forces Nursing Service. The AFNS Exam Syllabus for 2023 is detailed in this post.If you wish to take the test with thorough preparation, more information about AFNS is also mentioned in this paragraph.

AFNS Exam Syllabus 2023 PDF Download

Candidates must complete a rigorous selection procedure, which includes a written exam and a practical exam, to be considered for employment with the AFNS. Let’s take a closer look at the syllabus to learn what it takes to achieve.

AFNS Test Syllabus And Paper Pattern Download

You must read FSc and Matric books in biology, physics, chemistry, and English in preparation for subject-specific tests. You can also look at the margin below the syllabus. Let’s look at the 2023 AFNS Test Syllabus and 2023 AFNS Test Preparation. If you want to download the AFNS Test Preparation Helping Material. On this page, you can search for Helping Material.

AFNS Online Test Preparation Syllabus 2023

There are many tools available to help with test preparation for people hoping to join the Pakistani Army’s Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS), including example papers, suggested reading lists, past exams, and the official curriculum. You can get insights into the recruitment of women and become acquainted with the selection process by downloading the most recent top MCQ test papers. You can also find in-depth information on career options, syllabus details, study aids, exams, general knowledge, reasoning tests, and topics related to both science and the arts.

Join Pakistan Army Nursing Syllabus 2023

To learn how to study for the test using this AFNS syllabus, read the entire article. You can better comprehend the AFNS exam format by using these sample papers. One part of intelligence and other academic MCQs are included in the paper. Many pupils took part in the AFNS test. Questions for the AFNS test were taken from textbooks used by the Punjab board. Here is a summary of how this AFNS First Test went.

SR Book Title Action
1. Antonym AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
2. Biology AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
3. Chemistry AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
4. Idioms or phrases AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
5. Intelligence nonverbal AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
6. Intelligence Verbal AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
7. Narration/Voice AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
8. Physics AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
9. Prepositions AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download
10. Synonyms AFNS Solved PDF MCQs Download

AFNS Written Exam Syllabus

The AFNS written test evaluates applicants’ subject-specific knowledge and comprehension. It’s crucial to have a thorough comprehension of the material presented in each area to prepare well. The AFNS written test syllabus covers the following important topics:

AFNS Test Pattern:

  • Test Type: Online Computer-based
  • Test Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Time Duration: 2 Hours
  • Source Material for MCQs: Punjab Board Books
  • Total MCQs: 300

AFNS Test Syllabus (MCQ distribution):

  • Intelligence Portion: 150 MCQs
  • Biology: 50 MCQs
  • Physics: 30 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 30 MCQs
  • English: 50 MCQs
  • General Knowledge (GK): 30 MCQs
SR Title Action
1. Biology Test Download
2. Chemistry Test Download
3. English Test Download
4. General Knowledge Test Download
5. Intelligence Test (Non-Verbal) Download
6. Intelligence Test (Verbal) Download
7. Physics Test Download
8. Professional Test Download

AFNS Test Date 2023

Although more than five parts address the topic of intelligence as well as other academic MCQs, the complete content of Afns is made up of MCQs. Many students have inquired about the test option for the syllabus because they wish to join any Afns. This is the rationale for the choice of the book or board for the Afns test.

Dogar AFNS Guide PDF Free Download

On this website, we have additionally included all pertinent information about AFNS. You may obtain all the information on one page without visiting any other pages. The whole information for both verbal and nonverbal MCQs is available online. Click the link provided below to view the full AFNS schedule. Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted for the interview and selection process. Only those with a Pakistani domicile may apply.

Eligibility Criteria for AFNS

Make sure you meet the requirements established by the AFNS before beginning the syllabus. Education requirements, age restrictions, fitness standards, and citizenship requirements are typically included in the eligibility requirements. Before submitting your application, make sure you meet all the requirements.

Selection Process for AFNS

A written exam is the first step in the AFNS selection procedure, and then there is a practical exam. The only candidates who are qualified to take the practical exam are those who pass the written exam. It is significant to note that the written exam syllabus may change each year, and applicants must keep up with any updates.


What is the AFNS exam?

The AFNS exam is the selection process for the Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS), a prestigious branch of the Armed Forces dedicated to nursing. It evaluates the knowledge and skills of aspiring nurses who aim to join the AFNS.

How can I access the AFNS syllabus for 2023?

To access the AFNS syllabus for 2023, you can visit the official website of the Armed Forces or the dedicated recruitment portal for the AFNS. These platforms usually provide the most up-to-date syllabus and other relevant information for prospective candidates.

Is the AFNS exam highly competitive?

Yes, the AFNS exam is highly competitive due to the limited number of available positions and the large number of applicants. To enhance your chances of success, it is crucial to thoroughly prepare for both the written and practical exams.

Are males eligible to apply for the AFNS exam?

Absolutely! The AFNS welcomes applications from both males and females. Aspiring nurses of any gender who meet the eligibility criteria and possess the necessary qualifications can apply for the AFNS exam.