Boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 16 may enrol in Danish Schools. Selected students might get scholarships from The Danish Schools that will pay for their tuition as well as boarding and accommodation costs.Danish Schools provides disadvantaged students with full-fund scholarships for grades 6 through intermediate. Admissions are only given based on merit. Those applying on a self-finance basis shall have to pay PKR: 16,500/- per month. Those applying on a need basis must have a total combined gross income of the household not exceeding fifteen thousand rupees per month Those who are admitted on the basis of need will get fully funded scholarships from Daanish Schools that will cover all costs, including tuition, housing, and other expenditures. All Punjab Daanish Schools admission 2023 ads in the newspaper at one place. The latest admissions open in semesters of fall spring and autumn in DSS are listed here.

Eligible candidates can apply for admission to the 6th grade at Punjab Danish School starting 2023. All Danish schools in Punjab welcome applications from both boys and girls. For the 2023 admissions cycle, Punjab Danish Schools across various campuses, including Attock, Rajanpur, Rahim Yar Khan Hasilpur, Chishtian, Mianwali, Dera Ghazi Khan, and Vehari, are currently accepting applications. Check the admission test scores to learn more.

The online application process, eligibility criteria, and the last date to apply for admissions have been given below.

Daanish Schools Admission And Scholarship 2023


  • The student belongs to one of the following subcategories, in ascending order:
  • Since he lost both of his parents, he is an orphan and is not being cared for by an older sibling, a family member, or a guardian.
  • He is a motherless child who lives with his mother.
  • The parents are neither disabled nor do they own any real estate, and they are both illiterate.
  • His parents are both illiterate, he dropped out of school, and they don’t have any real estate.
  • His parents are both illiterate, they don’t have any real estate, and they don’t have a steady job or any reliable source of money.
  • He doesn’t live in a town, tehsil, or district headquarters, and either of his parents works as a menial villager in a semi-skilled or unskilled capacity. His parents also don’t own any real estate and are illiterate.
  • He resides in a katcha house with his family and is a resident of a town, tehsil, or district administrative center.
  • A pupil whose parent works for the Daanish Schools may be accepted. As a result of the initiative’s success, the provincial governments approached and 2 seats—one for a boy and one for a girl—were set aside for each of the 14 campuses according to a provincial quota.

Daanish Schools Admission And Scholarship 2023Admission And Scholarship


Daanish Schools Scholarship Requirements

  • In order for the student to be admitted:
  • being a grade-V student
  • on merit, be one of the first 87 or 100 students.
  • Pass the medical exam
  • Unambiguous antecedent confirmation
  • 10–12 years old for males
  • 10 to 13 years for females
  • must succeed on the written test.
  • must fit into a deserving category.
  • must be below the permitted income ceiling

Shortlisting Students

Call letters for the written test are sent out when students are narrowed down based on their acceptance forms.

  • information about the test participant
  • Roll a slip of numbers (attached with call letter)
  • Marks distribution
  • books on referencing
  • a place for conducting tests
  • requisites for attempting the paper
  • the duration of the test

Written test for the Daanish Schools Scholarship

  • The list of guidelines to adhere to when taking a written test is as follows:
  • The Academic Wing will conduct exams centrally at the Head Office.
  • There will be tests for English, Urdu, math, science, and IQ.
  • Only successful candidates’ information will be sent to the head office, which will choose the list of applicants to be sent for antecedent verification based on merit.
  • The general science and math sections can be taken in either
  • There are 35 marks for the English section, 15 for general science, 20 for math, 10 for Urdu, and
  • There will be a single paper with sections for each subject.
  • Punjab Danish School Admission 2023 All Campuses

Here, you can find out everything you need to know about the Punjab Daanish Schools Entrance Deadline for 2023, the admissions schedule, online registration, the merit list, scholarships, and other details. All interested candidates may quickly obtain the advertisement, fee schedule, and online admission form from this page below. On the Daanish Schools’ property, the waiting lists and entry exam merit lists are both visible at once.

Application Procedure:

In 2023, all students who wish to enrol may do so at these reputable Pakistani institutions. Students can download application forms from Danish schools’ official websites and mail them in. Moreover, admission forms can be completed online.


Moreover, students can obtain application forms from any campus of these institutions. Only applications that are entirely filled out will move on to the next round. The finest source for the most recent information on admissions to these renowned Pakistani schools for 2017 is right here. Stay tuned with us on our reputable Pakistani website for more details about admissions to these schools.

 Danish School Offered Programs

This whole information relates to the results of the Danish Entrance to Schools 2023 Admission Exam! To learn more about the admission test results, you may also visit the website. You could even contact the admissions office or the school’s notice board. Before the deadline for submitting admission forms, submit your application.

 Danish School Admission Fee Structure

Applicants who have passed the test of five classes or who are not yet in fifth grade are eligible for admission to the Danish School’s recently announced admission session 2023. The applicant age range is between 10 and 12 years old. Pupils who meet the admissions requirements must not have a parent or guardian’s monthly income to exceed Rs. 6000.

 Danish School Admission Portal

You must visit this page to view the most recent announcements of admissions for schools, universities, and colleges as well as the deadline for applications. As a result, you should visit frequently. If you have any questions about this or would like to make recommendations about how our website could be improved, you can do so by leaving a remark in the space provided below.


Danish Schools Admission And Scholarship 2023

Admission And Scholarship

Daanish Schools Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a student of Grade-V
  • Passed exams of Class V either PEC or any other
  • 10-12 years for boys
  • 10-13 years for girls
  • Must fall below the approved maximum income bracket
  • Must fall in one of the deserving categories
  • Should clear the written test.
  • Clear antecedent verification
  • Clear the Medical test
  • Be among the first 87 or 100 students on merit.

 Daanish School Download Application Form

Any students from other provinces who meet the requirements can also take advantage of their district’s application form and admission test. For pupils who meet the standards, the most recent admission notice for Punjab Daanish Schools admission 2023 is for 6th class entrance.

How to apply for Daanish School Admission and Scholarship

Admission forms are available at Danish Schools and the website. Forms can be downloaded or can be obtained from the schools. The admissions form must be deposited into the respective Danish Schools along with the following attested documents:

  •  Four passport-size photographs
  • Punjab Education Commission Examination results or the class fifth final exam results
  • ID card photocopy for the father
  • B Form on a birth certificate


How do I apply for admission to Daanish Schools?

The admission process for Daanish Schools is straightforward. To apply, you need to meet the eligibility criteria and follow the outlined application procedure. You can obtain the application forms from the respective Daanish School campuses or download them from the official website. Once you have completed the application, submit it along with the required documents. The schools evaluate candidates based on academic performance, written tests, and interviews. The final selection is based on merit.

:Can students from other provinces apply for admission?

Absolutely! Daanish Schools welcome applications from students across Pakistan, regardless of their province. These schools aim to provide equal opportunities and quality education to talented students from all regions of the country. However, certain criteria or quotas may be in place to ensure a balanced representation of students from different provinces.

Are scholarships available for all grades?

Yes, Daanish Schools offer scholarships for various grades. These scholarships are designed to support and encourage talented students who demonstrate exceptional academic potential and financial need. Scholarships are usually available for students from middle school to high school. The availability of scholarships for each grade may vary depending on the specific policies and resources of the individual Daanish School campuses.

How can I apply for scholarships for my child?

To apply for scholarships at Daanish Schools, parents or guardians of eligible students need to complete the scholarship application form provided by the school. You can obtain the application forms from the school’s administration office or download them from the official website. Ensure that you fill out the application accurately and submit it along with the required supporting documents, such as academic records and income certificates. Adhere to the specified deadlines and guidelines provided by the school to ensure a smooth application process.

What criteria are considered for scholarship selection at Daanish Schools?

Scholarship selection at Daanish Schools is a competitive and thorough process. The criteria may vary slightly depending on the specific campus and available scholarship programs. Generally, factors such as academic performance, potential, financial need, and the student’s overall profile are considered. In addition to academic records, the selection committee may conduct interviews and assessments to evaluate the candidate’s aptitude, extracurricular achievements, and personal qualities. The final selection is based on merit and is carried out with fairness and transparency.