Digiskills Courses Registration 2023 check online here.The Pakistani government has made the decision to teach young people skills so they can work from home. Free enrollment in Digiskills’ online earning courses is available to interested candidates.The free courses in 2023 do not require a registration fee.Applications for admission to the courses offered by Digiskills are maintained on file. Before the deadline, both men and women in Pakistan can apply online for Digiskills courses. The website www.digiskills.pk offers the option to create an account. Beginning on June 1, 2023, registration is open. The application deadline has not yet been specified. As Digiskills closes the new registration, the available seats will be filled wherever they are.On the free platform Digiskills, you may pick up quick skills and make money online.

Digiskills Courses Registration 2023

Having digital skills is now essential for everyone looking to succeed in the job market and explore new

career paths in today’s quickly changing digital environment. In response to this demand, the Pakistani

government established the DigiSkills.pk programe, an online learning environment that provides

in-depth courses to train people with crucial digital skills. The registration period for the 2023

edition of DigiSkills.pk is now open, giving people the chance to improve their knowledge and start a

transformative journey in the digital world.

Digiskills Courses Registration 2023 Enrollment Date

Admission to The Digiskills is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, applying as soon as possible for Digiskills Batch 3 is required. The Digiskills Batch 3 online registration will now begin in October. A candidate may engage concurrently in two short skills courses. Candidates who are applying for the first time must complete freelancing courses. Students at DigiSkills can choose whether to use the DigiSkills LMS App or website digiskills.pk.

Benefits of Registering for DigiSkills.pk 2023

  • Enhanced Employability: Having digital skills provides people a big advantage in today’s cutthroat employment market. Participants in DigiSkills.pk can enrol to learn in-demand skills that companies in many industries are looking for. This improved employability opens doors to a variety of job prospects both domestically and abroad.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: The digital revolution has made it possible for a huge number of businesses. The skills required to start and run successful online enterprises are provided to ambitious entrepreneurs by DigiSkills.pk. Participants receive the expertise and confidence to launch their digital businesses by learning everything from digital marketing methods to e-commerce management tactics.
  • Flexible Learning: DigiSkills.pk is aware of the difficulties people have juggling their personal and professional obligations. Because the programme is online, students can access the course materials whenever they want, from anywhere, and at their own pace. Participants find it simpler to pick up new abilities because to this flexibility because it doesn’t interfere with their daily activities.
  • Expert Instruction: Industry experts and seasoned professionals created and instructed the courses available on DigiSkills.pk. With the help of their real-world experience, learners receive information that they can use right away. The curriculum is consistently updated to keep up with the rapidly changing digital environment, ensuring that students are given the most current and pertinent material.

LMS DigiSkills-2.0 Registration For Batch-3

Each student who successfully completes the course will receive an LMS Digiskills certificate. You are not qualified to receive a certificate if you do not. The certification is available digitally or online, and you can print it out to bring with you. You should definitely download the digiskills app so you may watch the free training program’s videos, as I must insist on doing.


Registration for Digi Skills.Pk 2023 A new freelancing programme that will be accessible for the entire year is being launched by Digi Skills. Pk Registration 2023 Digiskills LMS to kick off the new year. The certificate is available in digital or online form, and you may print it out to use as a hard copy. Online registration for the 2023 batch 2.0 of freelancing Digiskills courses is scheduled to start on June 1st.


Freelancing Essentials: This course gives you a thorough overview of platforms for freelancing, client management, and effective communication techniques.

Advanced Freelancing Techniques, Bidding Strategies, and How to Write Winning Proposals are taught to participants.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing: The principles of social media marketing, as well as content generation and efficient campaign administration, are covered in this course.

Participants gain knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO), which teaches them how to make websites more visible to search engines and increase organic traffic.

E-Commerce Management

E-Commerce Management: The fundamentals of setting up and maintaining an online store, as well as inventory control and customer care techniques, are covered in this course.

Graphic Design

Fundamentals of Graphic Design: Participants learn the fundamentals of graphic design, such as colour theory, typography, and layout design.

Adobe Photoshop: The popular photo-editing programme Adobe Photoshop is the topic of this course.

Content Writing and Blogging

Participants receive training in creative writing so they may improve their writing abilities and produce engaging content on numerous platforms.

The fundamentals of blogging, such as content preparation, monetization techniques, and audience development, are covered in this course on blogging and content marketing.

DigiSkills Registration Requirements

Pakistani Nationality: Only Pakistani residents and citizens are eligible for the programe.

Basic computer proficiency is required to use the online learning environment and access course materials.

Internet access is necessary for participants to watch video lectures, finish assignments, and take part in online discussions.

www.digiskills.pk Registration 2023

None of the certifications will be available to you. The certificate is available digitally or online, and you can print it out and carry it in hard copy. The enrollment procedure for the new DigiSkills class of 2023 started on June 1st, 2023. 2,50,000 seats in a free DigiSkills course are available for online, at-home download. So don’t waste any more time and sign up by clicking the link below.

Digiskills Login

Students from previous batches are eligible to participate in this batch. There are 15 courses in total, including five new ones that are open to individuals who have registered. Students will be able to use online services to make money once the programe is over.

Digiskills Courses Registration 2023

Digiskills Courses Registration 2023

Digiskills Batch 12 – Enrollment Date 2023

There are currently 10 Digiskills courses available, and more will be added in the near future. The currently accessible Digiskills courses are listed below. The next step after completing the registration procedure is to sign up for free classes. Registration for Digiskill is now open @ Each student who successfully completes the course will be given an LMS Digiskills certificate.

DigiSkills Batch 13 Enrollment Last Date

First-come, first-served admission is available at DigiSkills. Interested individuals must apply as soon as possible for the Digiskills courses. To properly handle the teaching of these kids, it only enrols a small number of students in each batch. A new enrollment campaign is typically opened for fifteen days.


The candidates will receive instruction in the subject matter of information technology (IT). Over 250000 Pakistanis are trained annually by the digiskills institution, and more young people in Pakistan are becoming interested in online work every day. The deadline to sign up for digiskills is June 1, 2023.

How to Register for DigiSkills.pk 2023

  • Visit the company’s website: Visit the DigiSkills.pk website (www.digiskills.pk) and look through the courses to see which ones match your hobbies and professional objectives.
  • Create a profile: To establish a new account, click the “Register” button and fill out the form. Make sure all information is input appropriately.
  • Selecting a course After signing up, access your account and look through the course catalogue. Click the “Enrol Now” button after selecting the courses that speak to your goals.
  • Access course materials: After registering for a course, you’ll have access to a wide range of educational materials, such as video lectures, tests, and assignments. To obtain a certificate of completion, thoroughly go through the course contents at your own pace.


What is DigiSkills.pk? DigiSkills.pk ?

online learning platform launched by the Government of Pakistan that provides free, high-quality courses to help individuals acquire digital skills in areas such as freelancing, digital marketing, graphic design, content writing, and e-commerce management.

Is there an age restriction for registering on DigiSkills.pk?

No, there is no age restriction for registering on DigiSkills.pk. The platform welcomes individuals of all ages who are interested in learning and developing their digital skills.

Are the courses on DigiSkills.pk free of charge?

Yes, all courses offered on DigiSkills.pk are completely free of charge. The government funds the platform to promote digital literacy and enable access to quality education.

How long do the courses on DigiSkills.pk last?

The duration of each course varies, typically ranging from 8 to 12 weeks. However, participants have the flexibility to learn at their own pace within the allotted time frame.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in DigiSkills.pk courses?

Most courses on DigiSkills.pk do not have specific prerequisites. However, basic computer literacy and internet access are necessary to navigate the online platform and access the course materials.

Do the courses include assessments or assignments?

Yes, the courses on DigiSkills.pk often include assessments and assignments to evaluate participants’ understanding of the content. These may take the form of quizzes, practical exercises, or project submissions.