2023 EOBI Registration Check your CNIC at www.eobi.gov.pk.The Login to the Workers Old Age Benefits Institution will be covered. Workers Old Age Benefits Institution Login provides several benefits to all personnel following government retirement. The Workers Old Age Benefits Institution Login provides a variety of benefits, including pensions, health insurance, and other social programs. EOBI provides a variety of services to its registered members, including pensions and other retirement benefits. To utilize these services, you must have an EOBI account. This article will explain how to log in to EOBI using your CNIC number at www.eobi.gov.pk.

EOBI Registration 2023 Check by CNIC | www.eobi.gov.pk

Entities offering employee old-age benefits EOBI aims to improve the lives of Pakistani government retirees. The EOBI is a program that is only for Pakistani public employees. It functions as a type of security and life insurance for older people. The Pakistani government has created an online system and simplified the application process for EOIBs. By using their CNIC, men and women can both check their eligibility for EOBI registration in 2023. Check your EOBI status right now so you can receive a pension. The government keeps a small portion of employees’ salaries while they are working and returns it when they retire. Several objectives and advantages for public personnel are part of the program outlined.

EOBI Registration 2023 Card Status check by CNIC

The EOBI portal is governed by the Pakistani government’s Ministry of Foreign & Human Resource Development. Retired individuals may register their names and inquire about their status. It is simple, available online, and cost-free for all Pakistani citizens. To check the status of your EOBI card, enter your EOBI number, New NIC number, and Old NIC number. Monday to Friday, the online service is accessible. Employers who have registered with EOBI periodically check their status.

EOBI registration online

Recipients will be required to show identification for verification. In the past, elderly or retired people had to make many office visits each day. To perform this practice caused them anguish. Presently, everyone can easily access EOBI online. Hello candidates, we have complete information about the CNIC EOBI Registration 2023 Check. You can ask us questions in the comment box if you need more information. Write to us with your inquiries, and we’ll respond right away.

Check EOBI Card Status

If your firm participates in the Employee Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), you can access its website to view your benefits and the status of your account. The website address for EOBI is https://www.eobi.gov.pk.

Sign in using your login name and password to access your account details. Click “Check Status” under “My Account” on the left side of the screen. The right side of the page will display information about your account. Call the EOBI customer care line at 1-800-244-9376 if you have any inquiries about your benefits, or check out their website for more details.

Name of Institution EOBI (Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution)
Article Act Article 38 (C)
Cause of Enforce Providing Social Insurance to Old-Age Employees
Chairperson Mrs. Naheed Shah Durrani
Headquarters Karachi, Pakistan
Max. Pension As per Formula
Minimum Threshold of Pension Amount Rs. 8500/-
Proclaimed Date 1st April 1976
Region Pakistan

EOBI Registered Employer

The primary and most usual way to register for EOBI is through your work. Yes, your company must follow EOBI laws and will enroll you in this pension program. Your company will also contribute to your pension fund. As a result, you must request that your employer register you with EOBI and pay a contribution. What you and your company must give are as follows:

  • The employee will contribute 1% of his earnings to his pension.
  • Every month, the employer will contribute 5% of the employee’s salary as a pension contribution.

EOBI Registration 2023 Check by CNIC | www.eobi.gov.pk

EOBI Registration 2023 Check by CNIC | www.eobi.gov.pk

Documents Of Insured Individuals Who Are Deceased
01 Registration card of EBI P1-03
02 Certificate of employment
03 Copy of CNIC
04 Nikah Nama of the Spouse
05 Proof of relationship with the deceased
06 Death certificate which is issued by Nadra

What is EOBI?

In Pakistan, a federal agency called the Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) offers social security benefits to employees 60 years of age or older. The Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development oversees its operations, which date back to its establishment in 1976. To its registered members, EOBI offers a range of services, such as pensions and other retirement benefits.

Why is it important to have an EOBI account?

For people who want to use the institution’s benefits, having an EOBI account is essential. After they turn 60, enrolled members of EOBI are given a monthly pension. During the remainder of the member’s life, this pension is paid. Further benefits offered by EOBI include a survivor’s pension, an invalidity pension, and an old-age stipend.

How to create an EOBI account?

Visit the EOBI website at www.eobi.gov.pk in order to set up an account. A link for registration can be found on the website. You will be sent to the registration page after clicking the link. Your name, date of birth, CNIC number, and other information will be required of you at this point. Click the submit button once you have completed providing all the required information. On the mobile number you registered, you will get a confirmation message.

EOBI Login With User ID and Password

  • Go to www.eobi.gov.pk to the EOBI website.
  • On the page’s upper right corner, click the login button.
  • Choose the “forgot password” link on the login screen.
  • A page where your CNIC number and mobile number must be entered will be forwarded to you.
  • After providing the information, press the submit button.
  • A verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • On the following page, enter the verification code, then press the submit button.
  • A website where you can reset your password will be given to you will be displayed
  • Re-enter and confirm your password.
  • Press the submit button

eobi.gov.pk login

You must sign into your account if you work for the Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (eobi.gov.pk) in order to access your benefits. Simply click the login link in the top right corner of the homepage to sign in. Once you have logged in, you may access all of the information associated with your account and make any necessary adjustments. Online EOBI Login Portal

EOBI Login Voucher

With their email address and password, employees of the Workers Old Age Benefits Institution can access their accounts. Employees can also access their accounts using their login voucher. Workers can email the benefits institution at [email protected] to request a login voucher.

Bank Alfalah EOBI Login

The bank Alfalah Eobi provides its employees with a variety of advantages that can improve their quality of retirement. The organisation provides a fully funded pension plan in addition to other benefits including health and life insurance. Employees need to login with their employee identification number in order to enjoy these advantages (EIN).

How to log in to EOBI with CNIC No online?

You can log into your EOBI account at www.eobi.gov.pk using your CNIC Number after creating one there. To log into your EOBI account, take the following actions:

  •  Go to www.eobi.gov.pk to the EOBI website.
  • On the page’s upper right corner, click the login button.
  • The login page will be presented to you. You must enter both your CNIC number and password here.
  • After providing the information, press the login button.
  • You will be logged into your EOBI account at this point. You can access a number of the institution’s services here.


Q1: Who is eligible for EOBI registration?

A1: All employees between the ages of 18 and 60, working in organizations with five or more employees, are eligible for EOBI registration.

Q2: Can I register for EOBI if I am self-employed?

A2: No, EOBI registration is only applicable to employees working in organizations with five or more employees.

Q3: Is EOBI registration mandatory for all employees?

A3: Yes, EOBI registration is mandatory for eligible employees as per the EOBI Act.

Q4: Can I withdraw my EOBI contributions before retirement?

A4: No, EOBI contributions cannot be withdrawn before retirement. They are reserved for providing benefits after retirement.

Q5: How long does it take to process an EOBI registration application?

A5: The processing time for EOBI registration applications may vary, but it typically takes a few weeks to receive your registration number.