HEC HAT Test Result 2023 Answer Key Merit List  Answer Keys check online here.If you want to access the whole results, you must provide both your ticket number and CNIC. pink, white, green, blue, and yellow. For the answer key, select the category and book colour. To view the result, enter your ticket number or CNIC without any dashes. You may view the HEC HAT Test Result 2023 Merit List and HAT Result 2023 here. The HEC has released the results, which are available here. The test’s answer key has now been released by HEC. Thousands of applicants take the test, which is administered. The test has four sections: HAT-1, HAT-2nd, HAT-3rd, and HAT-4th. both the HAT-3 and HAT-4 tests. This test’s findings are reliable for two years.

HEC HAT Test Result 2023 Answer Key Merit List

HEC HAT test is an important examination for students who wish to pursue higher education in Pakistan. It is a comprehensive test that assesses a student’s knowledge and skills in various subjects, and provides universities and colleges with a way to measure a student’s aptitude for higher education.candidates who have already taken the test and are waiting for the results. Today is predicted to see the announcement of the HAT results. For the purpose of granting scholarships and granting admission to MS/Phil and Ph.D. programes, the HEC (Education Testing Council) conducted the HAT, a unified competitive aptitude exam.

HEC HAT Test Answer key 2023 Online

HAT-UG Online Test Answers – The objective of the test is to preserve an open, merit-based system while providing equal opportunity to all applicants. To access the SEE LAW online Answer Key for HAT-GENERAL, HAT-UG-SS, HAT-UG-M, and HAT-UG-E, please select your book colour.

HEC HAT Result 2023 Online

If you find any difficulties accessing the HAT Result & Merit List, kindly post a comment in the space provided below, and a member of our knowledgeable team will respond as soon as they can. To view the Answer Key, select your HAT Category and Book Color.

HEC HAT Test Result 2023 Answer Key Merit List

HEC HAT Test Result 2023 Answer Key Merit List

HEC HAT Result 2023

A formal regulator of the Pakistani government is the Higher Education Commission. The funding, supervision, regulation, and accreditation of the nation’s higher education institutions are the primary responsibilities of HEC. It started operating in 1974. The University Grants Commission was its original name (UGC). It received an upgrade and a new name in 2002: HEC. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, FRS, served as the organization’s initial leader.

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For the purpose of granting scholarships and admitting students to MS/Phil and PhD programes, the Education Testing Council administers the aptitude HAT test. ETC aims to establish a standardized, open, and competitive evaluation system for admissions to higher education institutions as part of the government’s approach to putting people first and ensuring fair outcomes.


HAT General MS PhD Result held on October

1. Answer key of HAT general Check Online
2. Result  of HAT general Check Online
3. Merit List of HAT general Check Online

HEC HAT Test Merit List 2023

In the second week of June 2023, this test was conducted. Here is the outcome. The key will appear on your screen as soon as you click the link and choose the option you want to examine. You feel good about this post. This page provides comprehensive information about the HEC HAT Exam 2023 Merit List. You’ll see the HEC official webpage on your PC. The results will appear on the screen when you enter the ticket number or CNIC number without any dashes.

HEC HAT Test Passing Marks

HEC standards state that a minimum of 70% is required. If you submitted Paper 100, you need to receive 70 marks to pass. This article includes the 2023 HEC HAT Test Merit List. Additionally, the HEC hat results have been released, and you may download them by clicking on the link above, which will open the HEC official website on your computer.

Passing Marks Minimum 70%

HEC HET Test Answer Key 2023

The test for admission will be taken by HEC in 2023. After the test is finished, HEC will release the HAT Test Answer Key 2023 for students’ reference. Students will be able to find the solution when they take their exam. To view the solution, click the provided link.

HEC EST Result 2023 Answer Keys pdf

On November 1st, this website hosted an online HEC EST 2023 exam. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, which owns this website, posted the EST Results on its own website.

HEC HAT Answer Key 2023 Phase 2

When Pakistan was founded on August 14, 1947, there was only one university there, the University of Punjab, which later expanded to include four regions of Pakistan among its forty institutions. However under Dr. Attur Rehman’s direction, the higher education sector saw a lot of advancements (2002-2008). It now serves as the higher education system’s foreign division.

www.hec.gov.pk HAT Result 2023

Higher Education Commission HEC HAT (Higher Education Aptitude Test) result, answer key, selected/rejected candidates, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, final merit list, and final selected candidates list are all available on educationguru.pk. Thus, return often to this page.

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Results & Merit List for HAT Your problem will be resolved by our team of professionals if you leave a remark in the comment box. Choose the HAT category that appeals to you, then reserve the colour for the remedy.

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How to Check HEC HAT Answer Key

  • To  click the link at the bottom of this page.
  • to click the You’ll receive a completely new web page.
  • The complete list of all HEC answer keys, including those for all the groups listed, is available.
  • first choose your group, and then Sessions like General HAT UG, SS HAT, and M HAT UG.
  • Select the book’s colour. Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and White, for instance.
  • You can view the written test results for the HEC HAT by clicking on the coloured book.
  • If you see any mistakes that should not be there, let the HEC administration know.


  1. What are the passing criteria for the HEC HAT Test?
    • The passing criteria for the HEC HAT Test may vary depending on the university and program. Each institution sets its own minimum score or percentile requirement for admission. It is important to check the specific passing criteria of the universities you are interested in.
  2. Can I challenge the HEC HAT Test result?
    • No, the HEC HAT Test result cannot be challenged or disputed. The result announced by the Higher Education Commission is considered final and binding. However, if you suspect any irregularities or issues during the examination process, you can report them to the relevant authorities for investigation.
  3. How long is the HEC HAT Answer Key available?
    • The HEC HAT Answer Key is typically available for a limited period of time after the test has been conducted. It allows candidates to compare their responses with the correct answers and evaluate their performance. It is advisable to download or make a note of the answer key during the specified period for self-assessment.
  4. What factors determine the HEC HAT Merit List?
    • The HEC HAT Merit List is determined based on several factors, including the candidate’s HEC HAT Test score, educational background, and the specific admission criteria set by the universities. The weightage given to each factor may vary among different institutions and programs. It is important to review the admission policies of the universities you are applying to understand how the merit list is formulated.
  5. Where can I find more information about the HEC HAT Test?
    • For detailed and up-to-date information regarding the HEC HAT Test, including the result, answer key, and merit list, it is recommended to visit the official website of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The HEC website provides comprehensive information, guidelines, and announcements related to the HEC HAT Test and the admission process.