HESCO Bill Online Check By Reference No, Meter Number is here.Are you trying to find an authentic Hesco bill online?You can view the whole bill after simply viewing the bill amount and due date. Therefore, enter the bill reference number below to view your Hesco online bill:A copy of the invoice may also be downloaded or printed. Welcome to the HESCO Billing Website, where you can view your most recent statement as of the current date and the whole amount with all associated costs. You can print a copy of this invoice from your HESCO monthly bill, download a copy, or publish it separately for payment at your local post office.To view your Hesco bill online, use this bill reference number. Today, anyone in Pakistan who wants to see the invoice for their residential or commercial account can do so from anywhere in the country.

HESCO Bill Online Check By Reference No

You can print your Hesco Wapda bill or download a copy of it to pay. To check your Hesco energy bill, enter your 14-digit reference code below. In the Google search box, type educationguru. The challenge is to enter a 14-digit reference code and then double-check the information.Imagine you want to visit the official Hesco website, which is located at www.hesco.gov.pk. On the main website, anything is free to use. There is access to all the reliable information.

About HESCO:

One of Pakistan’s top power distribution firms is HESCO, or the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. In Pakistan’s Sindh province, the firm supplies energy to Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas, and other places. Customers’ electricity consumption is billed by HESCO, which also provides several ways to access the electricity bill. Checking the HESCO bill online via the reference number or metre number is one of the practical methods.

HESCO Bill Online Check By Reference No

HESCO Bill Online Check By Reference No, Meter Number

HESCO Bill Online Check By Reference No

HESCO Bill Online Check By Reference No, Meter Number

HESCO Online Bill Calculator

Enter your reference number, which is situated on the right side of your name to the left, to view your Hesco online bill. Hesco bill online is a website that enables you to download an exact copy of your bill, print it, download, or save it as a PDF version to save for your records and pay it online.


Area of Operations

In Pakistan’s Sindh province, HESCO is in responsibility of providing electricity to 12 districts. To ensure the consistent supply of electricity to 1,138,328 customers, HESCO developed 4 operational circles, 15 operation divisions, and 67 operation sub-divisions, in addition to 6 construction divisions and 5 M&T divisions. To guarantee that its clients have access to electricity, the company works around the clock.

Circle Divisions Sub-Divisions
Hyderabad 04 16
Laar 05 19
Nawabshah 03 21
Mirpurkhas 03 12

bill pitc.com.pk HESCO Bill Online

On this website, you can view and download your most recent Hyderabad Electric Supply Company – HESCO electricity bill for free. You may immediately read the total amount billed, the utilised units, and the due date on the utility bill when it is displayed in PDF format. Additionally, you can quickly and easily print or download your HESCO bills from this website.

HESCO Bill Online Check by Reference Number

It is easy and convenient to check the HESCO bill online using the reference number or metre number. Customers who don’t want to wait for their bill to be delivered to their home or visit the HESCO office can save time and effort by using this service. You may quickly check your HESCO bill online by using the procedures above, and you can avoid any inconvenience by paying your amount in advance.

HESCO Online Bill Payment

By launching an online bill-payment system, HESCO has made it simple to pay HESCO bills at all banks in Pakistan. Through Fintech services like the JazzCash App, EasyPaisa App, and Nayapay, you may also make payments online.

HESCO Bill Online Check By Reference No



HESCO Bill Online Check By Reference No, Meter Number


Hesco new connection charges and procedure

Your unit usage in the property will be relevant if you have moved into a new home and wish to set up a new connection or if you currently have a metre. You are aware that the number of units consumed affects how much the bill will cost. Typically, the cost of 1 to 100 units is 19.30 rupees. The price difference for an extra unit is $20.95 if you use 101 units. Therefore, installing a new metre will only allow you to save money. On one metre, the load for your home shifts, and on your second connection, the other load shifts.

Apply for the installation of a new connection.

Hesco Demand Notice Tracking

After it has been received, the demand notice can also be tracked. You must keep in mind the tracking ID given to you after applying for a new connection. Using tracking software is the most effective way to keep track of everything. The full process of Hesco Hydrabad Elektricity may be followed online.

Hesco Bill online bill payment

Customers of Hesco have the option to pay their bills online using this service. The last time I checked, that wasn’t available. Payments can only be made at the Pakistan Post Office or the National Bank of Pakistan. The opening of all government banks has grown increasingly practical over time. These banks now accept in-person bill payments.

  • Bank of Punjab
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Muslim Commercial Bank(MCB)
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Meezan Bank

For industrial, residential, or commercial electrical connections, you can examine your hesco e bill. You can get your Hesco online bill by entering the 14-digit reference code in the entry field above. Look at the graphic below if you’re unsure of where to find HESCO reference numbers.Consider visiting the Hesco official website, which is located at www.hesco.gov.pk.

Duplicate Hesco bill installment

2 to 3 installments are offered for RS 5000 for both domestic and commercial use. The designated officer is Sub Divisional Officer(SDO) Operation.

Domestic and commercial customers may pay their Rs. 15,000 over 2 to 3 installments, but the Incharge customer service centre is accepted.

Industrial T-wells, Residential, and Commercial 2 to 3 cost RS 50,000. It falls within the purview of the Dumpty Director Commercial and the Executive Engineer(XEN) operation.

Superintending Engineer (SE) is the designated person, and the payment is for T-well Industrial Commercial and Domestic 2 to 3 Installments for RS 200000.
Data for severed connections alone is presented above. The authorised persona and

installments indicated above are what you need if you want payments for running connections.

How to Pay HESCO Bill?

You can pay using a hard copy of the bill and if you didn’t receive your copy of the bill then you print a duplicate bill from the above method and then you can pay HESCO easily by visiting the nearest commercial bank branch, post office, or most Easypaisa shops.


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