HRMS Leave Apply Online C Leave|www sedhr punjab gov pk Apply Online C Leave.Apply for Casual Leave on HRMS Online in 2023 and learn how to do it. It is a website-based (HR System) designed for government personnel. Via this website, they are able to maintain their records online. With the online SIS of HRMS Punjab, find out how to submit a leave request. The School Education Department of the Punjabi government has made a C-Leave application form available online. Employees and teachers in Punjab’s School Education Department, Punjab, can now apply for C-Leave/E-Leave using HRMS Punjab. The HRMS Punjab system now allows all employees and teachers from the Punjab School Education Department to request C-Leave or E-Leave. SED HRMS Punjab, the HRMS Punjab portal. The following process must be followed to apply for C-Leave for teachers working for the Punjab Education Department.

HRMS Leave Apply Online C Leave|www sedhr punjab gov pk

To make applying for leave easier and more simple, the School Education Department of Punjab has implemented an online leave management system for its staff. Teachers and other staff members can request leave online through the HRMS (Human Resource Management System) web interface.

Punjabi teachers working in public schools have the option of taking a 24-hour casual leave using HRMS. Your request or application will be forwarded to a higher authority through the system. The relevant authority will react in 24 hours. This post’s main objective is to provide information regarding the leave application on the Punjab website and the HRMS website.

HRMS Online Leave Application For Teacher

Your headmaster, headmistress, AEO, or authority will decide whether to accept or reject your application within a 24-hour period. If the application is approved or denied, both the applicant and the authority will receive notifications by cell phone. If your authority is unable to react to the application within 24 hours, your application will be automatically submitted to Higher Authorities, such as DEO, after that time.

HRMS Online Leave Apply 2023

The School Education Department of The Punjab now accepts applications for C-Leave and E-Leave through HRMS Punjab from all employees and teachers. SED, HRMS Punjab site Punjab HRMS. Using this procedure, teachers employed by the Punjab Education Department can apply for C-Leave. Instructors can use an application on the SIS Punjab app and the HRMS C Leave portal to submit an online application for the casual leave at www.hrms sedhr punjab.

 How to Apply for Leave

The dashboard of the HRMS portal will display a number of options once you log in. Choose “Leave” from the menu on the left by clicking it. This will display the leave request form.

Provide all relevant information on the form, including the type of leave, its start and end dates, its purpose, etc. After completing the application form, press the “Submit” button to finish the procedure.

Online leave application for teachers in HRMS

If an application is approved or denied, the applicant and the authorities will be notified through cell phone within 24 hours. Within 24 hours, your application will be approved or rejected by your Headmaster, Headmistress, AEO, or Authority. Your application will be immediately transferred to Higher Authorities, i.e. DEO, if your authority is unable to react to it within 24 hours.
You can check the status of your leave application after you’ve filed it by selecting “Leave Status” from the menu on the left. You may see here whether your application is currently pending, granted, or denied.

HRMS Leave Apply Online C Leave|www sedhr punjab gov pk

HRMS Leave Apply Online C Leave|www sedhr punjab gov pk

How to Apply for C-Leave on HRMS 2023

file a C-Leave 2023 application using HRMS Go to HRMS Punjab’s official website. Use your SIS App Username and Password, which are also your CNIC and Password, to log in. Choose Leave Request from the Side Menu. Click Process once the form has been filled out.

Login to the Portal

You must be in good standing in order to access the HRMS portal. Simply type in your username and password and click “Login” if you already have an account. You must register if you do not already have an account by selecting the “Register Now” option and following the on-screen directions.

HRMIS Leave Types

Employees can download the mobile applications for SIS and HRMS to Android smartphones. The Punjabi government has taken a tremendous initiative with this. Applicants can get in touch with the administrative staff of SIS & HRMS in the event of an error or omission. Officials may on occasion refuse requests for unscheduled leave. The integration of all organization-specific operations is made easier by a workflow management engine that is incorporated. login

We are fully aware of the predicament the educational division faced in the public sector a few years ago. The government didn’t really have a management system in place to handle the supervision of the lessons provided at public schools. One such modification is the development of the Casual Leave Management System, which helps Punjabi instructors submit online requests for casual leave.

HRMS leave application approved

Department of education in schools Punjab has digitalized its leave system. With the former method, candidates had to wait and provide proof of finances in order to receive leave approval. The process for applying for leave has been streamlined by the government. Online leave requests are accepted from department of education employees who work in schools but are not teachers.

HRMS Online Leave Gov Punjab

There are occasionally 2 free leaves offered each month, however depending on the situation, the Deputy DEO (for elementary or middle school) may approve 10 to 15 C-leaves. Regular employees on vacation receive one leave after a month of service, while regular employees who are not in a vocational position receive four vacations. The leaves are granted as payment.

Teacher Online Leave Application

The Punjab Government has recently started a programe to assist teachers, enabling them to apply for unpaid absences. All instructors and teaching staff are able to take vacation without having to walk into the offices or fill out time-consuming paperwork thanks to how simple it is to complete the HRMS Application for Casual Leaves online.

HRMS On-Line Leave 2023

On the following page, you can apply online for a casual leave. How can you use HRMS The Gov Punjab to submit an online application for casual leave? The school education division of the Punjab government has made a C-Leave application form available online. Using the HRMS Punjab website, teachers and other employees who work for The Punjab School Education Department can submit an online C Leave application.

Login to sedhr punjab gov pk leave

Candidates had to wait and present financial documentation under the prior leave approval system. The administration has streamlined the process for requesting leave by enabling teachers and other staff members who are not employed by the department of education at schools to submit requests online. HRMS online Online application for C-Leave, Department of Education.

Types of Leaves on HRMIS

01  Casual leave
02  Earned leaves
03  Extraordinary leaves (EOL)
04  Maternity leaves (M.T)
05  Paternity leaves (P.T)
06  Hajj leave
07  Ex Pakistan leave
08  lddat leave
09  Medical leave
10  Study Leave
11  Leave Preparatory To Retirement (Lpr)/Leave Encashment
12  Umrah Leave


An excellent project that tries to make the process of applying for leave more convenient and simplified is the online leave management system that the School Education Department of Punjab introduced through the HRMS portal. Employees can simply request leave and check the progress of their requests by following the above steps. The online system also makes sure that leave requests are handled quickly and effectively.

Schools Education Department Contact Numbers

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