Karachi International University (KIU) is pleased to announce the start of the admissions process for the academic year 2023. Aspiring students who want to attend this prestigious university for their further education are encouraged to apply online before the deadline. KIU is well-known for its dedication to academic performance, offering a wide choice of curricula across different faculties. By enrolling online and passing the admission exam, prospective students can take the first step towards a successful and rewarding academic career at KIU.

KIU is now divided into two faculties: Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences. KIU Karakoram International University is currently taking applications for the following programmes: BS, MSc, MPhil, and Ph.D. As a result, admission can now be obtained online. Those interested in enrolling at KIU can find all of the necessary information here: KIU Admission 2023-23.

KIU Admission 2023 Last Test Date Registration

Results for KIU Online 2023 BA, BSc, MSc Online searches for results for associate degree Part 1 and Part 2 and the following degrees: BA SSC, HSSC, ADP, ADA, M.Com. On KIU’s official website (www.kiu.edu.pk), students may obtain their admissions paperwork. The International University of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, is another name for KIU. We are pleased to tell you that KIU admissions for 2023 have been established by KGS under the direction of KIU.

KIU Gilgit Admission 2023 Programs

Karakoram International University Gilgit has announced that admission for the 2023 academic year is already available. The deadline for local students, Pakistani students from abroad, and international students interested in pursuing Undergraduate Bachelor Degree Programes has been set. Visit this page and click the link above to save the admission forms to your computer.

KIU Admission Test

On the KIU website, you may electronically submit your admission form. After making a $1,000 deposit at any HBL bank, apply here. From this, a bank challan can be produced. On business days, applicants may get in touch with KIU’s Admission Office if they need to manually submit their admission form.

KIU MA MSc Admission Fall 2023

Avoid missing out on this chance by making sure to submit your application as soon as possible. Visit Karakoram University’s main campus and find the admissions office to get the necessary admissions paperwork to start the process. Be quick to act to increase your chances of admittance!

www.kiu.edu.pk admission 2023

To be considered for undergraduate admission, candidates must have a 45% average in the intermediate. Additionally, the admission notice lists the entrance requirements for all programmes. The advertising has appeared in a number of Pakistani national publications.

Admission Requirements

You must satisfy the university’s general eligibility requirements in order to be admitted to KIU. Each programe may also have certain specifications, such as necessary courses or a minimum GPA. Additionally, candidates from other countries must pass exams like the TOEFL or IELTS to show that they are proficient in the English language.

Application Process

KIU has a simple and user-friendly application procedure. The university’s official website offers an online application for prospective students. Candidate personal information, academic background, and programme of interest can all be entered into the online application site. Applicants must upload their identity documents, passport-sized photos, and educational credentials as part of the application. To process the application, a small application fee is required.

Admission Test Dates and Procedures:

KIU may administer admission exams or conduct interviews as part of the application procedure for various programes. These examinations are intended to evaluate the candidates’ aptitude, knowledge, and suitability for the selected programe. On the official website and by email to all qualified applicants, the final exam date for admission to various programes will be provided.

Karakoram University Admission 2023 Fee Structure

On the KIU website, admission forms can be completed online. Apply here after making a deposit of Rs. 1000/- in any HBL branch. This is how the bank challan is generated. Applicants who submit the admission form manually may contact the Admission Office at KIU during working hours. You may view all of the specifics based on the courses.

KIU MA Private Admission 2023

KIU results are quickly made available online on the main campus of karachi uni as well as institutions and schools affiliated with it through Educationguru.pk. It is a publicly funded research university that has HEC approval. Information about the 2023 karachi International University KIU Exam Results is available on this page. Admission applications for KIU have been posted at this website. The findings were announced to the students who had been waiting.

BS Fall Admissions 2023

Entrance Autumn 2023Gilgit-Baltistan’s Main Campus Students will be chosen solely based on merit, using their SSC and HSSC Part-1 grades. Admission confirmation is contingent upon submitting an FA/FSc DMC with the appropriate %.

KIU Admission 2023 Last Test Date Registration

KIU Admission 2023 Last Test

BS Medical Lab Technology (MLT) 20 seats
BS Computer Science 10 seats
BS Information Technology 10 seats
BS Software Engineering 10 seats
BS GIS and Remote Sensing 10 seats

KIU Admission 2023 for BS, MSc

Only online application admission forms submitted through the KIU Admission Portal will be accepted. Admission to Karakoram University KIU has been announced for 2023. To apply to KIU, go to their official website and obtain the online admission forms. You can also look at the Fee Structure of KGS Programmes and KIU Scholarships here.

SR Description Action
1. Issuance/acceptance of online Admission Forms. 16th Aug
2. Last date for submission of online Admission Form. 16th Sept
3. Display of Applicants List for Interviews. 19th Sept
4. Interviews/documents verification. 20th Sep
5. Display of 1st Merit List and Fee Deposit. 26th Sept
6. Display of 2nd Merit List and Fee Deposit. 30th Sep
7. Admission on Reserve Seats. 3rd Oct
8. Display of 3rd Merit List (if required) and Fee Deposit. 5th Oct
9. Start of Classes. 3rd Oct
10. Apply for BS Programs Apply Online
11. Apply for After ADE or B.Ed (1.5) Apply Online

Kaeachi International University Admission 2023 Apply Online

Both local and foreign applicants from Pakistan can take advantage of the thorough application procedure. The official advertising of the institution is provided below and includes the eligibility requirements for online applications, thorough instructions on how to apply, and contact information. There are two ways to get admission forms from this university for people who are interested. To make it simple to comprehend and access, all material is provided in English.

Proposed Admission Schedule for Fall 2023 BS programs

1- Issuance/acceptance of online Admission Forms. 14th July, 2023
2- Last date for submission of online Admission Form. 3rd August, 2023
3- Display of Applicants List for Interviews. 4th August, 2023
4- Interviews/documents verification. 7th to 10th August, 2023
5- Display of 1st Merit List and Fee Deposit. 14th to 18th August, 2023
6- Display of 2nd Merit List and Fee Deposit. 21st to 23rd August, 2023
7- Admission on Reserve Seats. 23rd August, 2023
8- Display of 3rd Merit List (if required) and Fee Deposit. 24th August, 2023
9- Start of Classes. 24th August, 2023
10- Appeal Cases (if required). Subject to availability of seats

KIU Admission 2023 Eligibility Criteria

This website now contains the KIU admission form. Candidates must enter their information online on this website. We’ve provided a direct link to a printable online admission form. Step by step, complete an online admission form. Before completing the admission form, candidates must ensure that they meet the qualifying requirements.

KIU Admission 2023 Merit List

Candidates are advised that the KIU 1st merit list 2023 will be displayed in accordance with the established admission timetable. From this page, you can access the KIU 1st, 2nd, and 3rd merit lists, reserved states list, selected and rejected candidates list, self finance list, and final merit list.


The top of your list should include Karachi International University (KIU). Aspiring students should choose it because of its dedication to provide top-notch instruction, first-rate facilities, and a robust support system. Take the first step towards a prosperous and rewarding future by submitting an online application prior to the last exam date.


Is the admission process for international students different from local students?

The general admission process is similar for both local and international students. However, international students have additional visa and documentation requirements.

Can I apply for multiple programs at KIU?

Yes, you can apply for multiple programs at KIU. However, make sure to check the specific eligibility criteria for each program.

What is the last date to submit the online application?

The last date to submit the online application varies for different programs. It’s advisable to check the university’s website for the exact deadlines.

Are there any specific scholarships for international students?

Yes, KIU offers scholarships for international students based on their academic performance and other criteria. Details can be found on the university’s website.

How can I contact the admissions office for further inquiries? You can contact the admissions office at KIU through email or phone. The contact details are available on the official website.