Public GVT and private sector medical colleges in Punjab are separated on the merit list. Students enrolled in the MBBS admission program who are awaiting the MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates list in pdf format are encouraged to review any relevant changes, such as the UHS 2023 merit list. The closing merit for MBBS in 2023 is 89.60%, according to the Punjab public sector medical colleges’ MBBS merit list for that year. We have distributed merit lists across Pakistan, including the MBBS merit lists in Punjab and 2023 in Lahore.

NUMS Merit Calculation

Students can verify the aggregate or merit formula for admission to the MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates on this page. Students scored 50% on the MDCAT exam, 40% on the equivalent of the FSC, and 10% on the equivalent of matriculation.

2023 NUMS MBBS Merit List

The Overall MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates Sector Medical Colleges Session 2023 and the Overall MBBS Final Merit List Public Sector Session 2023 have both been released by NUMS.

MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates Medical College 2023

Latest MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates Medical College 2023

Public medical colleges’ UHS Merit List for 2023

Numerous public medical schools, including UHS, have released their first preliminary merit list for MBBS admissions in 2023. It is for admittance to all public medical and dental colleges. Therefore, candidates, who applied to government medical colleges like the University of Health Sciences or Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University merit list 2023. It is for admittance to all public medical and dental colleges.

UHS MBBS Merit List 2023

The University of Health Sciences has released the MBBS 2023 first preliminary merit list. This will give you an idea of the expected merit for MBBS 2023. To enroll in an MBBS program, candidates must meet the requirements outlined by the medical colleges.

Detail Date
First Provisional Merit List of candidates  2023
Second Provisional Merit List of candidates 10th December 2023
First College-wise Selection List  2023
Fee submission at medical/dental colleges (The ‘delayed result candidates’ and ‘repeaters’ shall not deposit fee till 10th February 2023) By 22nd December 2023
Second Selection/Up-gradation List 24th December 2023
Third Selection/Up-gradation List 29th December 2023
Fourth Selection/Up-gradation List 4th January 2023
Online submission of delayed HSSC (PreMedical) Special Exam or A-Level  Exam results 24th January- 6 to February 2023
Final Merit List 8th February 2023
Final College-Wise Selection List 10th February 2023

PMC Private Medical Colleges 1st Merit List 2023

Following the admissions process, the first merit list of candidates who meet the requirements will be released. Following the release of this list, pertinent departments will be contacted. Also, we will note on this website when the merit list will be made available to the general public.

PMC Private Medical Colleges 2nd Merit List 2023

The management of PMC will declare the second merit list and then make it public. Thus, candidates who did not make the second merit list should check their names there. They will thus wait for the third merit list if your name does not appear on the second merit list.

3rd merit list

If your name is not on the third merit list, you will not be able to compete in this race since this institute only accepts students who will meet the merit list; if not, they can apply to another institute that is providing on-self-finance.

Total number of MBBS seats

According to PMC, Pakistan will have 19,922 MBBS seats available in 2023. Students must complete a number of stages in order to be admitted to the medical colleges in Pakistan during the designated admission session for the medical programs. Every student impatiently awaits the merit lists, such as the SZABMU MBBS merit list 2023, since admission is ultimately determined based on them. Keep up with Pakistan’s MBBS merit list 2023.

Seats for MBBS in Punjab

3376 MBBS seats are available at 16 government medical colleges in Punjab, according to UHS. Apply for admission based on the number of MBBS seats expected in Punjab, Pakistan, in 2023. First and foremost, students must register for the MDCAT and other medical entrance exams. Almost all medical colleges and universities create an MBBS merit list following the examination session.

University of Health Sciences Lahore MBBS Merit List

See the top three spots on the University of Health Science’s UHS Merit List for MBBS and BDS admission online at the official website. The second merit list for the University of Health Science’s MBBS program has been posted on the official website. Students must check their names online here while they wait for the UHS second merit lists. UHS Lahore also released the final merit list.

MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates Medical College 2023

MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates Medical College 2023

MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates Punjab Merit List 2023

The students are interested in the most recent MBBS merit list after taking the MDCAT because they want to know the requirements for admission to the MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates degree program. Only those candidates who receive the highest scores in the FSc pre-medical and medical entry tests will be admitted to the medical field. Following the start of the entry test, the candidates are given access to the merit list, and those chosen on the basis of merit are the only ones permitted to apply for admission to medical colleges.

 MBBS Merit List 2023

The responsible authorities also provide the second and third merit lists following the release of the first merit list. To ensure a spot in a medical college or university, candidates must pay the entrance fee following the release of the merit list.

MBBS Merit List GVT And Privates

merit lists are published by medical colleges when the entrance exam results, such as the MDCAT results, are finalized. Nearly all medical colleges have updated their MBBS merit lists for 2023, which students can access. The UHS merit list for 2023 and the KMU Peshawar MBBS merit list, for instance, will be released on schedule. Nearly all medical colleges release multiple merit lists. The updated versions of all the merit lists will be distributed to students once.

  • The Selection List of Gujranwala Medical College Gujranwala, Khawaja Mohammad Safdar Medical College Sialkot, Sahiwal Medical College Sahiwal, and D.G. Khan Medical College D.G. Khan will be displayed after a few days.
  • Selected candidates will be issued call letters by concerned colleges for interview
  • All admissions are provisional. Admission of selected candidates will be canceled

1.If any document or information submitted by the candidate is later determined to be incorrect, fictitious, or counterfeit
2.If it is determined at any point that the applicant was not eligible for admission in accordance with the Government of Punjab’s Admission Policy

3. If the applicant misses the deadline for submitting their application and admission fee.
4.If it’s determined that the candidate is medically unsuitable.

  • Candidates who are accepted on the basis of both open merit and reserved seats
  • are only permitted to use one seat of their choosing. Within seven days of the
  • display of the selection list, they must give up the other seat by filing an affidavit
  • on paper with a rupee twenty stamp. The Admission Board reserves the authority
  • to decide the candidate’s admission based on merit and preference indicated in the
  • entrance form if the candidate fails to provide his or her selection within the allotted time frame. After that, no appeals of the Admission Board’s judgement will be considered.
  • FAQS


What is the MBBS merit list?

The MBBS merit list is a list of candidates who have applied for admission to medical colleges and have been selected based on their merit. The merit list ranks the candidates according to their academic performance, entrance test scores, and other relevant criteria.

How can I check the latest MBBS merit list?

Once the latest MBBS merit list is released, it is usually made available on the official website of the respective college or through other designated platforms. Candidates can check the merit list by visiting the college’s website and searching for the merit list link. It is important to follow the instructions provided and enter the required information, such as application number or roll number, to access the merit list.

What factors determine the ranking in the MBBS merit list?

The ranking in the MBBS merit list is determined by various factors, including academic performance, entrance test scores (such as the MDCAT), and any additional criteria specified by the college or regulatory authorities. Each college may have its own weightage system for these factors, and the final ranking is based on the cumulative score obtained by the candidate.

Is there any separate merit list for government and private medical colleges?

Yes, typically, there are separate merit lists for government and private medical colleges. The admission criteria and merit calculations may vary between these categories. It is important to check the specific merit lists of the colleges you are interested in to understand the ranking and selection process for each category.