LCIC Cadet College Kasur Admission NTS Form 2023 .The LCIC Cadet College Kasur is a famous educational institution that is noted for its dedication to academic success, character development, and physical health. Every year, the institution welcomes new students who want to further their education in a loving and rigorous setting. To get admitted to this prestigious university, students must first complete the LCIC Cadet College Kasur Admission NTS Form.

Admission to the LCIC Cadet College in Kasur The NTS Form is an important stage in the admissions process since it acts as an initial screening tool. NTS (National Testing Service) is a well-known testing organisation in Pakistan that administers standardised examinations for admissions, scholarships, and employment. Students contribute important information about themselves by completing the NTS form.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Admission NTS Form 2023

The NTS form for LCIC Cadet College Kasur Admission 2023 is essential in establishing an applicant’s eligibility and fitness for admission. It assists the college’s admission committee in evaluating individuals’ academic potential and general appropriateness. The information supplied in the form allows the committee to select individuals who match the college’s standards and have the required traits.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur  NTS Entry Test Date

The LCIC Kasur entrance test is scheduled for December 2023, and the deadline for applications is November 30 2023. Please visit the school’s official website if you desire to apply. It’s critical to be aware that admission applications are now being accepted at LCIC Cadet College Kasur up to the NTS Entry Test date if you’re in the process of doing so. Therefore, be sure you apply right away if you want to be considered for admission by December 22nd, 2023.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Admission NTS Form 2023

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Admission NTS Form 2023

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2023 Admissions at LCIC-Cadet College Kasur The Zia-ul-Haq Block, which houses male students’ rooms, offices, and staff quarters, and the Agha Khan Block, which houses female students’ rooms and staff quarters, are the two structures on the main campus. On-campus amenities include digital libraries, computer laboratories, Internet access, and classrooms with audio-visual teaching aids.

LCIC-Cadet College Kasur Admission 2023, a boarding school for soldiers, is located at the University of Pakistan. Previously serving as the Chief of Logistics Staff for the Pakistan Army, Lieutenant General (retired) Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah founded it in 2007. About 200 kilometres from Islamabad and 60 kilometres southeast of Lahore is where the College is located, near Kasur.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur admission 2023

This relates to the procedure for applying to LCIC admission Cadet College Kasur for the class of 2023. It outlines crucial dates, the application process, and prerequisites for potential students.
Most students from various classes who desire to attend Cadet College and get cadet training are qualified, and they can enrol with mediocre or poor marks. Pakistan offers a wide variety of colleges, some of which have extremely high standards. Because they did not pay the entry fee or performed inadequately on their most recent examinations, some students are not admitted to these universities.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur eligibility criteria 2023:

To be eligible for admission, you must first satisfy the requirements established by LCIC Cadet College Kasur. Candidates must meet certain criteria set forth by the college, including:

Age: The college will provide an age range for applicants, such as 12 to 14 years old.

Education requirements:The candidate must have finished a given grade or be enrolled in a particular class (for example, sixth through eighth grade).

physical condition:The candidate must be physically fit according to the college’s requirements.

Nationality:LCIC Cadet College Kasur typically accepts both Pakistani and non-Pakistani students. However, there can be certain nationality criteria.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Admission NTS Form 2023

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Admission NTS Form 2023

LCIC Cadet College Kasur admission schedule 2023:

The admission timetable gives a chronology of significant occasions and deadlines connected to the application procedure at LCIC Cadet College Kasur for the year 2023. Dates for submitting applications, taking tests, scheduling interviews, and disclosing results might all be included.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur admission test syllabus 2023:

The admission test syllabus refers to the exact themes or topics that will be included in the entrance examination for admission to the LCIC Cadet College Kasur in 2023. In order to succeed in the test, candidates should concentrate on the topics or areas mentioned in this section.

CC Kasur 2023 NTS Answer Key

It will be possible to access the Cadet College Kasur admission entry test NTS Answer Key online. The third week of January 2023 will see its publication. All pupils will get a preliminary answer key from the authorities. Prior to the announcement of the results, applicants will be able to estimate their scores using the answer key. Candidates may raise objections in relation to the answer key. After the release of the final answer key, no candidate will be able to object.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur NTS registration 2023:

For admission to the LCIC Cadet College Kasur in 2023, applicants may need to register with the National Testing Service (NTS). Under this topic, we’ll talk about how to register with NTS particularly for LCIC Cadet College Kasur admission.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur admission fee structure 2023:

The LCIC Cadet College Kasur’s admission price schedule provides information on the charges involved in applying for admission in 2023. This might include details about any fees or costs that candidates would have to pay, such as application fees, tuition, or other costs.

Fee Structure First Time on Admission Monthly Charges
Admission Fee Rs. 30000/- Monthly Tuition Fee Rs. 6500/-
Security Rs. 15000/- Cadets Training Classes Rs. 6500/-
Development Charges Rs. 15000/- Boarding/Lodging Rs. 17000/-
Total Rs. 60000/- Total Rs. 30000/-

cadet college Kasur admission 2023 last date

  • Last Application Date: 2023-11-30

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Test Date

Cadet College Kasur Entry Test for 2023

The admission test, which applicants must take, will be administered by the Lahore College for Inter Colleges Lahore Director of Admissions. The following locations will host the Cadet College Kasur NTS Admission exam on Friday, November 27, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Examination Center

  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi
  • Multan
  • Quetta
  • Peshawar
  • Karachi
  • Kasur

NTS Roll No Slip Entry Test CCK

Following the online registration procedure, NTS reviews the applications and publishes a roll no. slip of the qualified applicants. The online roll no slip is available on this page for all applicants who are qualified to take the written exam. Candidate participation in the CCK entrance test is not permitted without an NTS roll no slip.


Students who are willing to succeed academically and acquire valuable life skills should take advantage of the exciting opportunity provided by LCIC Cadet College Kasur. Your chances of being accepted to this esteemed college might be improved by adhering to the admissions process, which includes correctly completing the NTS form and satisfying the eligibility requirements. Keep track of crucial deadlines and dates, and don’t be afraid to contact the institution with questions or concerns.


Q1: Are scholarships available for deserving students?

LCIC Cadet College Kasur provides scholarships to deserving students based on their academic performance and financial need. Contact the college’s administration office for more information on available scholarship programs.

Q2: What extracurricular activities are offered at LCIC Cadet College Kasur?

LCIC Cadet College Kasur offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, societies, and leadership development programs. Students have the opportunity to engage in various activities to enhance their overall growth and personal development.

Q3: How can I prepare for the entrance test?

To prepare for the entrance test, it is recommended to study the relevant subjects thoroughly and practice sample questions. Additionally, you can avail yourself of coaching or preparatory classes if available.

Q4: What is the selection criteria for admission?

The selection criteria for admission to LCIC Cadet College Kasur include performance in the entrance test, interview, and medical examination. The college evaluates candidates based on their academic potential, physical fitness, and character.

Q5: What facilities are provided to students at LCIC Cadet College Kasur?

LCIC Cadet College Kasur offers state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, boarding facilities, sports grounds, laboratories, and a library. The college strives to provide a conducive learning environment for students to excel academically and holistically.