MDCAT Test Preparation Online Related Syllabus Mcqs check online here. Students who want to pursue careers in medicine must first pass the admission exam. It is organized by the UHS University of Health Sciences in Lahore and is conducted annually as long as it satisfies the requirements of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. All medical colleges and universities that are accredited by the PMDC require the MDCAT test for admission. One of the most important exams for admission to medical programs in Pakistan is the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT). Without this MDCAT entry test, you can’t receive admission to any medical college. You must begin preparing right away for this difficult admittance test, which is soon to be administered. Here, we’ll provide you with free access to online MCQs for the MDCAT practice test.

MDCAT Test Preparation Online Related Syllabus

For aspiring medical students, getting ready for the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) can be a difficult but essential stage. This thorough test assesses applicants’ knowledge and ability for admission to medical and dentistry universities. It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus, access to internet resources, and efficient preparation techniques to perform well on the MDCAT test. This article will walk you through the process of getting ready for the MDCAT test, including the schedule, internet resources, and study techniques.

MDCAT Preparation Online 2023 Free MCQs Test

The most crucial subjects for MDCAT preparation are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, and Logical Reasoning. Students who are now studying are looking for a platform online where they can begin the online exams before taking the final exam.

Overview of Syllabus

The MDCAT test syllabus covers a variety of areas and topics that applicants must be familiar with to pass the exam. To concentrate on the important topics during preparation, it is crucial to have a comprehensive comprehension of the curriculum. The biology, chemistry, physics, and English courses on the curriculum include concepts including cell biology, organic chemistry, mechanics, and comprehension abilities.

Subjects Covered

Biology: Covers subjects like human physiology, genetics, and biological diversity.
Chemistry: Includes topics including physical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry.
physics electromagnetism, optics, and contemporary physics are the main subjects of physics.

English: Places a focus on sentence form, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension abilities.

Importance of Online Resources

Online resources are extremely important in today’s digital age for MDCAT test preparation. These tools provide convenience, flexibility, and easy access to a huge selection of study guides, sample questions, and practice exams. They allow pupils to advance their knowledge and abilities at their rate and act as a platform for self-evaluation.

MDCAT Test Preparation Online Related Syllabus 

MDCAT Test Preparation Online Related Syllabus Mcqs

Websites and Apps for MDCAT Preparation


This online resource offers thorough study guides, video lectures, and practice exams designed exclusively for MDCAT preparation. It features a user-friendly layout and covers all the topics.

KIPS Academy:

KIPS Academy, which is well-known for its coaching services, now provides online materials for MDCAT preparation. On their website, you can access study resources, old exams, and MCQ drills.


A well-known website called PakPrep provides a variety of MCQs, practice exams, and subject-specific question banks for MDCAT preparation. Students can monitor their development and pinpoint their areas for growth.

MDCAT Guide:

A comprehensive online resource for MDCAT preparation, the MDCAT Guide provides study guides, video lectures, and MCQs. It covers every subject and offers thorough justifications for every query.


A large question bank, practice exams, and flashcards are all included in this mobile app that was created exclusively for MDCAT preparation. Students can practice on the fly and keep track of their progress.

MDCAT paper pattern

According to the paper pattern for the entry test, which PMC has released, there will be 200 marks and 3.5 hours allotted for the test. Below is the paper pattern:

Total Time 3.5 hours
Total MCQs & Marks 200
Biology 68
Physics 54
Chemistry 54
English 18
Logical Reasoning 6

Since there is no negative marking in this test, you can attempt any question regardless of whether you know the answer. According to the PMC Curriculum, 60% of the MCQs are classified as medium, 20% as challenging, and 20% as simple. So, good luck.

MDCAT Entry Test Preparation Online syllabus

We will provide all the details on test preparation and the updated MDCAT syllabus. The MDCAT’s most recent syllabus is provided here. Candidates who hold an FSc/HSSC or a degree equivalent are eligible to take the MDCAT exam. The MCQs are tainted by the test. This MCQ is administered in four main subjects, and the list of MCQs is provided below.

MDCAT Test Preparation Online Related Syllabus 

MDCAT Test Preparation Online Related Syllabus Mcqs

Biology Syllabus                              

Cell Biology
Biological Molecule
Human Physiology

Physics Syllabus
Measurement, Motion and Force, Work, Energy and Power, Oscillations, Heat and Thermodynamic, Electrostatic, Current – Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Deformation of solids, Electronics, Modern Physics, Nuclear Physics

Chemistry Syllabus
A: Physical Chemistry
Fundamental Concepts, States of Matter, Atomic, Structure, Chemical Banding, Chemical Energetics, Electrochemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, Reaction Kinetics
B. Inorganic Chemistry
Periods, Groups, Transition Elements, Compounds of Nitrogen and Sulpher, Chemistry Syllabus
C. Organic Chemistry
Fundamental Principles, Hydrocarbon, Alkyl Halide, Alcohols and Phenol, Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Amino Acids, Macromolecules, Environmental Chemistry

English Syllabus

Power Words

MDCAT Test Preparation Strategies

Making the most of your study time and ensuring thorough coverage of the syllabus are essential when preparing for the MDCAT exam. Here are some tactics to take into account:

Time Management

Create a study plan that allots enough time for each subject based on how much weight that subject will receive on the MDCAT exam. To avoid ignoring any area of study, establish clear objectives for each session and maintain a balance between the courses.

Study Materials

Use study materials that are dependable and thorough and that completely cover the MDCAT course. Textbooks, online resources, and reference books can give detailed information and aid in idea clarification.

Revision Techniques

Utilise efficient revision strategies including taking succinct notes, utilizing mnemonics, and practicing test questions from prior years. Concepts are strengthened and retention is improved with frequent revision.

Free Online MDCAT Preparation 2023

For the MDCAT Entry test preparation, we offer online multiple-choice questions on this page. Online assessments in English, biology, physics, and chemistry are available for applicants. These tests were created specifically using the MSCAT pattern and syllabus. Students who take our examinations get better at general knowledge. You will be able to sharpen your entire preparation to ace your exam and get into the medical school of your choice in Pakistan.


Q1: What is the meaning of MDCAT?

A1: MDCAT stands for Medical and Dental College Admission Test. It is a standardized entrance exam in Pakistan for students who wish to pursue admission to medical and dental colleges.

Q2: Where can I find online resources for MDCAT preparation?

A2: Some various online platforms and websites offer MDCAT test preparation resources, including practice tests, study materials, and MCQs. Some popular platforms include PakPrep, KIPS Academy, and Star Academy.

Q3: What subjects/topics are included in the MDCAT syllabus?

A3: The MDCAT syllabus covers the following subjects/topics:

  • Biology: Cell biology, genetics, diversity of organisms, and human physiology.
  • Chemistry: Basic concepts, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physical chemistry.
  • Physics: Mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, and modern physics.
  • English: Vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and writing skills.

Q4: Have there been any changes to the MDCAT syllabus?

A4: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there have been no significant changes to the MDCAT syllabus. However, it is advisable to verify the official website or consult relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information.

Q5: How can I practice MCQs for MDCAT?

A5: To practice MCQs for MDCAT, you can utilize online platforms, MDCAT preparation books, and past papers. These resources offer a wide range of MCQs that cover the entire syllabus. Additionally, some online platforms provide mock tests to simulate the actual exam environment.