NUMS Merit List 2023-24 MBBS BDS programs at Public and Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, on 28th December 2023, will be displayed. Selected candidates should deposit their fee before the given deadline. NUMS has announced the final merit list for MBBS and BDS programs in both public and private medical and dental colleges, following the release of the NUMS test results for 2023.NUMS is a national university that focuses on medical sciences. If you have appeared in the NTS (National Testing Service) Entry Test 2023 for private medical colleges, we have compiled a list of the test results to assist you. When entering your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or Roll Number, please avoid using dashes.

NUMS Merit List 2023-24 MBBS BDS

NUMS Merit List 2023-24 MBBS BDS Check Online

The heart of the admission process lies in the NUMS Merit List for MBBS and BDS, scheduled to be unveiled on the 28th of December 2023. This list encompasses selected candidates for both Public and Army Medical College, Rawalpindi. The candidates are advised to check their status online and, if selected, proceed to deposit their fees by or before the specified last date. The merit list is a culmination of efforts, determination, and academic excellence, representing a significant milestone for those who aspire to join the medical profession.

Schedule of Admissions

Events Public Sector Private Sector
Online Registration for Admissions Starts Wednesday, 04 Oct 2023 Wednesday, 11 Oct 2023
Online Registration for Admissions with Regular Fee (Rs 5,000 for Open Merit / Rs 30,000 for Foreign Seat, Non-Refundable) Ends Friday, 20 Oct 2023

by 1600 hours (Closed)

Friday, 27 Oct 2023

by 1600 hours (Closed)

Online Registration for Admissions with Late Fee

(Rs 6,000 for Open Merit / Rs 35,000 for Foreign Seat,  Non-Refundable) Ends

Friday, 10 Nov

by 1600 hours

Friday, 10 Nov 2023

by 1600 hours

Display of Merit List (MBBS) Wednesday, 15 Nov 2023 Wednesday, 29 Nov  2023
Display of Merit List (BDS) Thursday, 28 Dec 2023 Thursday,11 Jan 2024
Commencement of Classes (MBBS) Monday, 15 Jan 2024 Monday, 15  Jan 2024
Commencement of Classes (BDS) Monday, 22 Jan 2024 Tuesday, 06 Feb 2024

Understanding the schedule of admissions is crucial for prospective students and their families. The timeline for the NUMS admissions process is well-defined, starting from online registration in early October to the commencement of classes in January 2024. The schedule provides clarity on key dates, including the display of merit lists for MBBS and BDS, allowing students to plan their next steps accordingly.

NUMS Private Merit List 2023

Private medical colleges affiliated with NUMS also have a distinctive merit list. The NUMS Private Merit List 2023 is an essential reference point for candidates vying for admission in these institutions. It includes waiting lists, admission merit lists, self-finance and reserved seat merit lists, ensuring transparency in the admission process.

NUMS Merit Formula 2023

Ever wondered how the merit is calculated? The NUMS Merit Formula for 2023 combines marks from matric, intermediate, and the NTS Entry Test. With a clear breakdown, the formula assigns specific weights to each component, ultimately determining the overall merit percentage. For aspiring medical students, understanding this formula adds transparency to the selection process.

Nums Result 2023 by Roll Number

The ease of checking results by roll number is a convenience offered by NUMS. Students who have undertaken the NUMS Entry Test can effortlessly view their results by entering their roll numbers. This user-friendly approach simplifies the result-checking process, allowing candidates to quickly access their performance data.

NUMS 2nd Merit List

For those eagerly waiting for a second chance, the NUMS 2nd Merit List becomes a significant milestone. This list includes additional candidates who have secured their spots in the MBBS and BDS programs. It serves as an opportunity for those who may not have made it to the first list, offering a second chance at fulfilling their medical education aspirations.

Army Medical College Merit List

The prestigious Army Medical College, affiliated with NUMS, has its own merit list. This list showcases the names of successful candidates who have secured admission to this esteemed institution. The Army Medical College Merit List is a testament to the academic excellence and dedication of the selected individuals.

NUMS Closing Merit 2023 Public Sector

Understanding the closing merit is crucial for gauging the competition and setting realistic expectations. The NUMS Closing Merit 2023 for the public sector provides insights into the minimum merit required for admission. This information becomes valuable for future applicants, helping them assess their chances of securing a spot in the medical programs.

NUMS Closing Merit 2023

The overall NUMS Closing Merit for 2023 encompasses both public and private sectors. This comprehensive list sheds light on the final merit required for admission across all affiliated institutions. It serves as a benchmark for aspiring medical students and provides clarity on the competitive landscape.

NUMS Private Medical Colleges Admission 2023 Last Date

The last date for applying to NUMS Private Medical Colleges Admissions in 2023 is a critical piece of information for prospective students. This deadline ensures that all applications are submitted on time, allowing for a streamlined and organized admission process. Candidates aspiring to join private medical colleges affiliated with NUMS must adhere to this last date for a successful application.

NUMS MBBS Merit Lists 2023 and Closing Merit

As the focal point of many aspiring medical students’ dreams, the NUMS MBBS Merit Lists for 2023 hold immense significance. These lists, along with the closing merit information, provide a detailed breakdown of successful candidates who have secured admission to the MBBS program. The data aids in understanding the competition and sets the tone for future applicants.

NUMS BDS Merit Lists 2023

Similar to the MBBS program, the NUMS BDS Merit Lists for 2023 offer insights into successful candidates for the dental programs. These lists include names of individuals who have demonstrated academic excellence and secured their places in BDS programs affiliated with NUMS.

NUMS Merit List 2023 Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, home to the Army Medical College, plays a significant role in the NUMS Merit List for 2023. This list specifically caters to the selected candidates for the Army Medical College in Rawalpindi. The inclusion of this specific merit list ensures clarity for candidates aspiring to join this esteemed institution.

NUMS Entry Test Result 2023

The foundation of the entire admission process lies in the NUMS Entry Test. The results of this test, crucial for MBBS and BDS admissions, are essential for determining eligibility and merit. The NUMS Entry Test Result for 2023 is a testament to the academic prowess of aspiring medical students, setting the stage for their journey in the medical field.

NUMS MDCAT Merit List 2023

The NUMS MDCAT Merit List for 2023 showcases the results of the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test administered by NUMS. This merit list becomes a key reference for candidates applying to medical and dental colleges associated with NUMS, providing a comprehensive overview of successful candidates.

In conclusion, the NUMS Merit List 2023-24 for MBBS and BDS is a crucial document that shapes the future of aspiring medical professionals. From understanding the merit formula to checking results and navigating admission schedules, this guide provides a comprehensive overview for those on the path to pursuing medical education through NUMS. Best of luck to all aspiring medical students!