Physical Education PPSC  past papers These papers could aid in your comprehension of the format of papers and the kinds of questions that might be asked. For test preparation, ppsc lecturer solved previous exams and key multiple-choice questions in pdf format.and books for the post of Lecturer of Physical Education are available. You can prepare for the Lecturer of PE topic by using these PPSC Physical Education solutions old papers and multiple-choice questions. ..PE Past Papers These papers may help you to understand paper patterns and which types of questions can be asked in papers. Physical Education Past Papers PPSC all of the physical education lecturer’s old papers from previous years.

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Physical Education Past Paper PPSC

These PPSC Physical Education solved past papers and MCQs will help you in preparation for the Lecturer of Physical Education paper. PPSC MCQs and Physical Education Past Papers PPSC past papers, notes, and books syllabus for the post of Lecturer Physical Education is available.

Physical Education Past Paper


The Punjab Higher Education Department would hire competent candidates for the position of Physical Education Lecturer BS-17. Everyone is welcome to use this website to submit their applications online. Here, we give you all the details you need to know about the position, including the curriculum, grading criteria, sample test questions, test preparation tips, crucial PPSC questions, and the interview process.

Subjective-Based Questions 80%
General-Based Questions 20%
General Based Topics
General Knowledge
Pakistan Studies
Current Affairs
Geography Basic Mathematics
English Urdu Everyday Science and Basic Computer Studies

Physical Education Past Paper


PPSC Past Papers with Answers

These PPSC Physical Education Past Papers solved and  MCQs will help you in preparation for the paper of the Physical Education subject. PPSC MCQs and past papers and books for the post of Lecturer of Physical Education.


1)total height of k-2 ____________

8516 m

2)for winning the game lead is required __________


3)in which year Pakistan won the Modi world cup __________


4)old name of Pakistan golf federation ____________

Pakistan golf union

5)judo is introduced in Olympic game__________


6)the game of chess started from ___________

3000 bc

10) the total number of players in the cricket team __________


11)total weight of table tennis ball ______________


12)what is the lowest score in in ODI cricket record __________

43 runs

13)weight of valley ball ball is________ 9 to 10 ounce

14)which country first of all introduced chess __________


15)which is the highest mountain in Pakistan ___________


16)which team won the first FIFA world cup ____________


Mcqs Practice Test

1). How do we get injured in games?

(A) Safety practices (B) Consistent long-term training without breaks

2).A log distance runner must consume more quantity of?

Protein (B) Fat (A) (C) Minerals with (D) Carbohydrates Protein (B) Fat (A) (C) Minerals with (D) Carbohydrates

3)The National Game of Pakistanis?

(A)Cricket (B) Football (C)Hockey

4). Name the first Indian woman Wo won the Gold Medal in the Asian

Sunita Rani (B), P. T. Usha (C), and Shayne Ibrahim

5) Apparatus to measure fat percentage in the body is?

/Caliper (A) Anthropometer (B) Tensiometer (C) Flesomete (D)Skinfold Meter/Caliper

6)The cause of postural defects/deformities is?

(A) A balanced diet (B) malnourishment (C) An excessive diet (D) Illness

7) Do Long bones work in the human body?

(A) To give strength (B) To give shelter (C) To work as a lever (D) To provide base and muscular joint

8)  muscular contraction, if there is no change in the size of the muscle, this contraction is said—

(a) Isometric  (B) Isotonic (C) (C) Isokinetic (D) (D) Kinetic

9)The position of India in 1st Asian games was?

(A)I (B)II (C)V (D)IX

10)In one milliliter of blood, the number of
is stated to be about?

(A) 1,00,000 (B) 2,00,000 (C) 3,00,000 (D) 4,00,00

11)Davis Cup is associated with?

(A) Hockey (B) Volleyball

(C) Baseball (D) Lawn Tennis

12)For good health which type of exercise are necessary?

(a)Light (b)Hard (C) Regular (D) Medium

13)In the human body ‘Fartlek’ develops

(A)Speed (B) Endurance (C)Strength (D) Agility

14)In test cricket, how many bouncers can be bowled in one over?

(A)1 (B)2 (C)3 (D) 4

15)The maximum quantity in the diet of small children should be of

(A) Protein (B) Carbohydrate

(C) Minerals (D) Vitamins

16)Olympia city is situated in which country of the world?

(A)Greece (B) Germany (C)Italy (D) China

17)The quality of Physical Education teachers is?

(A) Civilized (B) Good performance

(C) Young (D) Smart

18)Aerobic power can be enhanced by?

swimming, circuit training, short sprints, long-distance running, and swimming

Physical Education Past Paper



Physical Education Past Papers 

PPSC Lecturer Education and Physical Education Past Papers Solved Past Papers & Important MCQs. PPSC Physical Education past papers for lecturer exam. Lecturer Education and physical education Past is available. 

Understand the Exam Format

It’s crucial to comprehend the exam’s structure before you start studying for the PE Previous Paper PPSC exam. A written exam and a practical exam make up the exam’s two portions. The practical exam assesses your ability to demonstrate your understanding of physical education through exercises and activities, while the written exam consists of multiple-choice and short answer questions.

written exam will test your knowledge

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise physiology
  • Motor control and learning
  • Sport psychology
  • Physical education pedagogy

You must have a solid grasp of these subjects and the ability to use your understanding to provide answers to questions in order to be well-prepared for the written exam.

You’ll be required to do exercises and activities to demonstrate your understanding of physical education during the practical assessment. You must be able to assess movement patterns, plan and implement training programes, and show correct technique for a variety of activities.

Use a Variety of Study Materials

Use a range of study resources to be ready for the PE Previous Paper PPSC exam. Start by going over your old course notes and textbooks from physical education. To enhance your studies, you can also use online resources like movies, books, and practise tests.

Get a study companion or join a study group if at all possible. Together, you can review the material and prepare for the practical exam in this way. Flashcards and other memory aids can also be used to aid in the retention of important ideas and vocabulary.


Download Important MCQs for Health & Physical Education in PDF format. It will offer the best opportunity ppsc for exam preparation. references used by various students for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, CSS, and other GOVT Exam preparation. Many solved papers about health and physical education are available for download here.

Eligibility of PE Lecturer Post:

  • 2nd division of a master’s program in physical education.
  • Punjab Domicile.
  • Female age: 21-28 years age 08 years age relaxation.
  • Male age: 21-28 years age 05 years age relaxation

Physical Education Test Topics

  • Understanding education research
  • Educating for Cultural Diversity: Foundations
  • Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport
  • Sport Psychology
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Intro to Psych & Ed of Children & Youth with Disabilities
  • History & Philosophy of Education
  • Physical Education Curriculum Models
  • PE Instructional & Assessment Methods
  • Behavior Modification in Health & Exercise
  • Ethics in the Sport Industry


Why are Physical Education past papers important for PPSC exam preparation?

Physical Education past papers are valuable resources for PPSC exam preparation for several reasons:

  • Familiarity: Past papers give you an idea of the exam format, types of questions asked, and the level of difficulty.
  • Content Coverage: They help you identify important topics and areas that are frequently covered in the exam.
  • Time Management: Solving past papers helps you improve your time management skills and assess your speed and accuracy.
  • Exam Strategy: By practicing past papers, you can develop effective strategies for answering different types of questions.

 Where can I find Physical Education past papers for PPSC 2023?

You can find Physical Education past papers for PPSC 2023 in the following sources:

  1. Official PPSC Website: The official website of PPSC may provide access to past papers or sample papers for different subjects, including Physical Education.
  2. Online Forums and Websites: Several online forums and educational websites dedicated to PPSC exam preparation may offer a collection of past papers for download or online practice.
  3. Bookstores and Libraries: Look for books specifically designed for PPSC exam preparation that include past papers for Physical Education. These books are often available in bookstores or libraries.

How should I use Physical Education past papers for effective preparation?

To make the most out of Physical Education past papers for PPSC exam preparation, follow these tips:

  • Time yourself: Set a timer to simulate the exam conditions and practice solving the past papers within the allocated time.
  • Analyze the answers: After solving the past papers, carefully review and analyze your answers. Understand the correct solutions and identify areas where you need improvement.
  • Focus on weak areas: Use past papers to identify topics or types of questions that you find challenging. Concentrate on improving your understanding and proficiency in those areas.
  • Practice regularly: Make solving past papers a regular part of your study routine. This helps build confidence, improve your problem-solving skills, and familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.

 Can solving Physical Education past papers guarantee success in the PPSC exam?

While solving Physical Education past papers is an essential part of exam preparation, it is important to note that success in the PPSC exam depends on various factors. Solving past papers alone may not guarantee success. It is crucial to have a comprehensive study plan, cover the syllabus, and supplement your preparation with other resources like textbooks, study guides, and practice questions.