UET Taxila Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd Online here.Candidates who took part in the University of Engineering & Technology Taxila Undergraduate ECAT Entrance Exam and are awaiting the UET Taxila UG Merit List 2023 are listed in the UET Taxila Merit List 2023. The most recent version of the UET Taxila Merit List 2023 for the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth engineering programmes is being uploaded to our website as we update it.Check out the UET Taxila Merit List 2023 for all Engineering Departments if you recently took an entrance exam.A variety of engineering programmes are available at UET Taxila. Along with civil engineering and electronics engineering, these also include mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.You have until November 22, 2023, to submit your documentation after the merit list is revealed on November 18, 2023. Check the online UET Taxila Merit List 2023 for the top three positions.

UET Taxila Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd

For many aspirant students, getting accepted into a reputed university like UET Taxila is a dream come true. As it chooses and selects applicants for admission, the UET Taxila Merit List is of utmost significance. The specifics of the UET Taxila Merit List 2023, including the first, second, and third merit lists, will be covered in this article.

Explanation of UET Taxila

One of Pakistan’s most esteemed engineering universities is called UET Taxila, short for University of Engineering and Technology Taxila. UET Taxila provides a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in engineering and technology and is renowned for its high-quality instruction and cutting-edge equipment.

Merit List Significance and Purpose

A significant part of the admissions process involves the UET Taxila Merit List. It serves as a tool for ranking potential applicants according to their academic standing and results on the entrance exam. The institution uses the merit list to evaluate applicants’ suitability and assign seats appropriately.

Factors Affecting Merit List

The UET Taxila Merit List is influenced by a number of things. The candidate’s prior academic performance, performance on the entry test, and any reserved seats or quotas they may be eligible for are the main factors taken into account. To better understand the results of the merit list, it is crucial to comprehend these elements.

Explanation of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Merit Lists

The initial list made public by UET Taxila following the review of applications and entry test results is known as the 1st Merit List. It lists the names of candidates who have received the highest scores and satisfy the university’s qualifying requirements. Being named to the first merit list is a noteworthy accomplishment because it guarantees admission to the preferred programme of study.

If any seats remain open after accepting candidates from the first list, the second merit list is made public. The names of candidates who met the requirements but were not selected for the first list may appear on the second merit list. Those who narrowly missed the cut-off score in the initial list have the chance to participate on this list.

The last 3rd list, the third merit list, is often announced if there are still open seats following the second list. It contains the names of applicants who meet the prerequisites for admission and are qualified for admission. Those who weren’t initially chosen now have a chance to enrol in their preferred programe thanks to being on the third merit list.

UET Taxila Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd

UET Taxila Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd Online

Merit List Announcement Dates

The institution will provide more information closer to the admissions season regarding the precise dates for the distribution of the UET Taxila Merit Lists for 2023. To find out when the merit lists will be released, prospective students must regularly check the official UET Taxila website or other trustworthy sources.

Candidates must finish the requisite admission processes within the allotted time period in order to secure their admission if their names appear on any of the merit lists.

UET Taxila Admission Process

Candidate Application Submission:

Interested parties must use the official UET Taxila admissions portal to submit their applications online. The application form asks for personal information, academic background, and preferences for programmes.

Entry Test:

All applicants are required to take the UET Taxila entry test. The admittance test evaluates a candidate’s aptitude, problem-solving skills, and understanding of their intended subject of study.

Calculation of Aggregate Score:

Based on the candidate’s matriculation and intermediate results as well as the entry test score, the university determines the aggregate score. The candidate’s placement on the merit list is determined by the candidate’s overall score.

Merit List Publication:

Following the conclusion of the evaluation process, UET Taxila publishes the merit lists, beginning with the first list and adding further lists as appropriate.

UET Taxila Final Merit Position List 2023

01. Computer Science Merit List Check Online
02. Electronics Merit List Check Online
03. Environmental Merit List Check Online
04. Industrial Merit List Check Online
05. Software Merit List Check Online
06. Telecom Merit List Check Online
07. Computer Merit List Check Online
08. Civil Merit List Check Online
09. Mechanical Merit List Check Online
10. Electrical Merit List Check Online
11. Final Merit Position List No. 6 (2023) Check Online


A public institution called the institution of Engineering and Technology Taxila is situated in Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan. Engineering and applied science bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees are available at UET Taxila. On the Taxila-Havelian branch line, UET Taxila is located next to Mohra Shah Wali Shah Station.

Faculties and departments of UET Taxila

Engineering programmes in mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics, industrial, telecom, computer, software, and environmental sciences are available at UET Taxila.

UET Taxila Merit Calculator

The final selected candidates will be sent here along with the University of Engineering and Technology UET Taxila Merit List 2023, waiting lists, self-finance merit lists, merit lists for reserved seats, and lists of candidates who placed well in entry tests.

UET Taxila UG Calculator

To access their scores online on the official website that is managed by the University, candidates must enter their roll number. Following the test results, UET Lahore compiles a merit list of all applicants who are qualified for admission to Pakistan’s engineering institutes and universities based only on merit. Here are the students’ UET 1st, 2nd, and 3rd merit lists. In this part, we will also post the most recent merit lists from the UET.

UET Merit Calculator Formula

The University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore administers the ECAT exam each year to evaluate a student’s eligibility. It grants merit-based admissions to bachelor programmes with a limited number of openings. The total percentage of marks earned in the previous academic levels (FSc Matric, O-Level, Matric A-Level, etc.) is used as the measure of merit.

  • 45 Percentage of Intermediate Part I (or similar) marks
  • 25 percent Matric (or equivalent) marks
  • 30 percent ECAT marks
  • 70 70% Intermediate (or equivalent) marks
  • 30 percent ECAT marks
  • UET Taxila Result 2023