The University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore welcomes qualified applicants to submit an online application for admission to the MBBA and BDS programmes at public sector medical and dental facilities in the Punjab for the academic year 2023.The 2023 date for the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) has been set. Anyone wishing to register for the next test may do so online through registration. The previously held MDCAT examination was cancelled by the Punjab government, hence the exam body is in charge of managing the admission test procedure this time.

The UHS MDCAT registration procedure necessitates exam preparation, and effective study planning necessitates familiarity with the exam material. We’ll also go over crucial topics like the exam schedule and test venues to help you properly prepare and feel confident on test day.

Whether you are a local candidate or an overseas applicant, you must understand the qualifying standards and associated papers. We will cover these requirements to ensure your compliance while applying for the UHS MDCAT 2023.

UHS MDCAT Admission 2023 Online Last Date Fee Structure

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) is one of Pakistan’s most esteemed medical schools. Every year, it administers the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) to prospective students across the country seeking admission to medical and dental universities. With the 2023 UHS MDCAT fast approaching, applicants must be informed of the registration procedure, online deadline, and cost structure in order to guarantee a smooth and successful application process.

The University of Health Sciences Lahore will hold the MDCAT admission test prepration  in 2023 for those applying to MBBS and BDS programmes at public and private medical and dental institutions. The test will be announced and the list of provinces will be displayed on the University’s website. 10 a.m. is the scheduled test time. Eligibility Requirements and Test Dates for University of Health Science MBBS and BDS Admission 2023.

UHS Lahore Admission 2023 Fee Structure, Entry Test, and Admission GUIDE

The University of Health Sciences Admissions 2023 has been launched to invite applications from interested candidates in the disciplines of MBBS, BDS, Pharm D, Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT, BSc Nursing, and BSc (Hons) medical imaging technology. Medicine and healthcare are noble professions, which is the primary source of inspiration for outstanding students who want to pursue this path. UHS assists students in making their aspirations a reality by providing them with high-quality international education.

The deadline for UHS admission is widely indicated in the admission advertisement. The entire application process for admission to UHS is also detailed. The UHS prospectus can be obtained from the admissions office. Applicants must thoroughly read the prospectus to learn about the admission procedure, cost structure, significant dates for admission, entry exam pattern, and so on.

UHS Entry Test (MCAT) 2023

UHS is the provincial institution in charge of administering the Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT) for admission to all private and public medical and dental colleges in Punjab. All candidates who wish to be admitted to UHS medical and dentistry schools must take the MCAT Test. The UHS entry test is required for admission to MS, MPhil, and PhD programmes.

UHS Admission 2023

In Punjab’s government medical and dental institutions, the admissions procedure for the MBBS/BDS programe will soon begin. We’ll release separate announcements for the online application process and the comprehensive admission calendar. This public notice’s primary goal is to notify prospective applicants of the documentation requirements for admission so they may begin to compile these papers.

UHS MDCAT Admission 2023 Online Last Date Fee Structure

UHS MDCAT Admission 2023 Admission 2023

Maintaining Pakistan’s official registration of medical and dental practitioners falls within the purview of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), a statutory regulating body. Establishing uniform, minimal requirements for entry-level and advanced training in medicine and dentistry across the country is its main goal. This is done by monitoring how practitioners are added to the council’s register and by taking the appropriate measures, such suspending or exiling members, when necessary. The council also establishes the academic requirements for medical and dental institutions throughout the nation in coordination with the Higher academic Commission (Pakistan).

UHS MDCAT Test Registration 2023

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Lahore, Pakistan, offers the UHS MDCAT, a standardised examination. It serves as an evaluation tool for both dentistry and medical schools, ensuring equitable admissions that are based on merit. Students’ comprehension of topics including biology, chemistry, physics, and english are evaluated on the test.

Registration Procedure

  • Start by creating an account on the official UHS website.
  • Offer all the necessary details about your identity and education.
  • A scanned image of your picture and any other required papers should be uploaded.
  • Use the offered payment methods to cover the registration cost.
  • Provide accurate information on the online registration form.

UHS Admission Criteria & Requirements:

Depending on the different types of programmes, UHS has varying entrance standards and qualifying requirements. Candidates for the MBBS, BDS, and BSc(Hons) programmes must have earned at least 60% on the FSc test in order to be considered. Aspiring candidates must also take the UHS MDCAT entrance exam in order to be considered for admission to Punjab’s state medical and dentistry schools. Additionally, Punjabi medical and dentistry institutions do not have an age restriction for enrollment.

UHS Undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. Programs Admissions 2023:

In Punjab, UHS and its affiliated medical and dental colleges offer a wide range of degree programmes, including MBBS, BDS, Pharm D, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), BSc Nursing, BSc (Hons) medical imaging technology, BSc (Hons) nutrition, BSc (Hons) dental technology, MS, MPhil, MD, MDS, and FCPS.

UHS Lahore Fee Structure 2023

In comparison to private medical colleges, the price structure for the University of Health Sciences and its affiliated institutes in 2023 is much lower. Students who choose private universities after being rejected from UHS-affiliated medical and dentistry schools may be forced to shoulder a heavy financial burden.

Program of Study Fee Structure 2023
UHS MBBS Fee Structure 2023 Rs. 18030 (first year)
BDS Fee Structure Rs. 18030 (first year)
BSc(Hons) Rs. 18000/- per semester
DPT Fee Details Rs. 17500/- (first year)
MS Fee UHS Lahore Rs. 22000/- per semester

Test Centers in Southern Punjab:

  • Bahawalpur
  • Multan
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • G.Khan

Central Punjab:

  • Lahore
  • Faisalabad
  • Sahiwal
  • Gujrat
  • Gujranwala
  • Sargodha
  • Sialkot

Northern Punjab:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Hasan Abdal

Pattern of question Paper:

There will be 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on a single piece of paper, each with four possible answers and only one right response. Following are the four areas into which the questions will be split:

80 multiple-choice questions in biology
60 MCQs in Chemistry
40 MCQs in physics
20 MCQs in English

The exam will last for 150 minutes in total, for candidates. For the test this year, there won’t be any deducted points. No marks will be deducted for incorrect answers, and each correct response will be worth one mark.

The test will have a passing score of 60%, under PMDC’s admission rules for 2023.

University of Health Sciences Admission Merit List 2023

They will, however, disclose the list of merits for the undergraduate program on December 6, 2023. This is all about UHS 2023 admissions. Furthermore, if you want to be admitted, now is the time to apply. Because space is highly limited, you should apply as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more information from UHS, including merit lists.

UHS MDCAT Admission

UHS MDCAT Admission

University of Health Sciences Admission Portal

As a result, the University of Health Sciences is focusing on offering high-quality education and training for medical institutions. In 2002, it was founded with the goal of bringing a qualitative and quantitative revolution in medical education and research through evolution. UHS is associated with a significant number of public and private medical and dentistry colleges in Punjab.


1. How do I register for UHS MDCAT 2023?

The registration for UHS MDCAT 2023 is conducted online through the official UHS website. Create an account, fill out the application form, upload the required documents, and submit the registration fee within the given deadline.

2. What is the last date for UHS MDCAT 2023 registration?

The last date for UHS MDCAT 2023 registration will be announced on the official UHS website. Ensure to check regularly and complete the process before the deadline.

3. Can I apply for UHS MDCAT 2023 if I’m awaiting my F.Sc Part-II results?

Yes, candidates awaiting their F.Sc Part-II results are eligible to apply for UHS MDCAT 2023.

4. What are the subjects included in the UHS MDCAT 2023 test?

The UHS MDCAT 2023 test includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English subjects.

5. Is there any negative marking in the UHS MDCAT test?

Yes, negative marking exists in the UHS MDCAT test. Marks are deducted for incorrect answers.