Punjab Examination Commission is providing the School-Based Assessment (SBA) 2024 Answer Keys of Grade 5 on an online platform. In this way, the students of grade 5 can check the pre-defined model papers and their answer keys from this page. However, we are providing the details about the answer keys as well as papers in this post. So, you can get all the papers and their answer keys according to the subjects. All students in grade 5 can get model papers for their preparation. The PEC is providing the model papers of A and B for subjects for all students.


School Based Assessment 2023 Grade 5 with Keys

Grade 5 School-Based Assessment 2024

As of December 8, 2023, the second term of the School-Based Assessment for Grade 5 has commenced, running until December 14, 2023. The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) has facilitated the process by providing test papers for all Grade 5 subjects, creating a standardized and fair assessment across schools.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 5 All Subjects Papers

To ensure a thorough evaluation, the PEC has compiled a diverse range of papers covering all subjects for Grade 5. These papers include assessments for General Knowledge, Social Studies, Islamiat, English, Urdu, Math, and more. The objective is to holistically gauge the students’ grasp of various subjects, fostering a well-rounded education.

Grade 5 Papers SBA/LSA 2024 Item Bank

The PEC has established an Item Bank for Grade 5, serving as a repository for all the test items for large-scale assessments. Each school, equipped with a unique username and password, can access the Item Bank on the PEC premises. This facilitates the production of standardized papers for every school in Punjab, maintaining consistency and fairness.

5th Grade School-Based Assessment 2024 Math

Mathematics is a fundamental subject, and the 5th Grade School-Based Assessment for 2023 includes a dedicated evaluation for this subject. The PEC Item Bank has uploaded answer keys and model papers for Math, providing a valuable resource for both teachers and students.

5th Grade SBA Papers 2024 English

English proficiency is a vital skill, and the Grade 5 SBA for 2023 incorporates a thorough assessment of the English language. The papers include both objective and subjective sections, with accompanying answer keys. Teachers and students can utilize these resources for effective exam preparation.

Grade 5 Science SBA 2024 Model Papers

Science education is crucial for fostering curiosity and critical thinking. The Grade 5 Science SBA for 2023 includes model papers with both multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and subjective sections. These resources aim to enhance the student’s understanding of scientific concepts.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 5 Islamiat

Islamiat holds significant importance in the curriculum, and the School-Based Assessment for Grade 5 includes a dedicated evaluation for this subject. Papers for Islamiat, conducted on December 8, 2023, are available for download, accompanied by answer keys.

Grade 5 SBA 2024 Urdu Papers

The Urdu language assessment is a crucial component of Grade 5 SBA for 2023. Papers for Urdu, with both objective and subjective sections, along with answer keys, are available for download. This facilitates effective preparation for the second-term examination.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 5 Social Studies

Social Studies provides insights into the world around us, and the Grade 5 SBA for 2023 includes a comprehensive evaluation of this subject. Papers for Social Studies, available in both Urdu and English mediums, come with answer keys for objective and subjective sections.

School-Based Assessment 2024 All Subject Paper with Keys (Links)

For the convenience of students and teachers, the PEC has compiled all subject papers with answer keys in a downloadable format. Subjects such as Mathematics, Urdu, Islamiat, Social Studies, Science, and English can be accessed easily from the provided links, streamlining the preparation process.

The Grade 5 School-Based Assessment for 2023 serves as a pivotal tool in shaping the educational landscape. The PEC’s dedication to providing standardized papers, item banks, and answer keys ensures a fair and comprehensive evaluation for students across Punjab. These resources not only aid in exam preparation but also contribute to a robust and enriching learning experience.